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Watch Testimony of Meeting Jesus Christ, Face to Face, before Resuscitation Back to Life

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Following this brief summary, Watch Video Testimony of (1) meeting Jesus during a momentary death before resuscitation back to life, and (2) finding a painting years later that is exactly who he met in Heaven.

When John Levay was 9-years-old, he died momentarily at the hands of a family member and visited Heaven, where he met Jesus Christ face to face, before being resuscitated back to life on Earth.

Years later, John saw a painting called “Prince of Peace” and recognized that it was exactly who he met in Heaven.

This past April of 2023, he traveled from Maryland to Texas to meet the artist, Akiane Kramarik, who was appearing at the grand opening of Belóved Gallery in Marble Falls, Texas, in the USA.

“I just had to go see the original painting, and find out from the artist how she was able to paint the exact same facial features that I saw when I met Jesus Christ in person, eye to eye, between my death and resuscitation back to life.”

“What I learned is that Akiane Kramarik is living proof of God’s ability to give humans divine gifts.”

Evidenced by the fact that Akiane created the masterpiece called Prince of Peace in 2003 when she was eight years old. Up until then, her parents did not believe in God as they were atheist and agnostic. There were no Bibles, or discussions about religion, and no one in her family was an artist.

God chose Akiane to receive his divine gifts of (1) heavenly visions, and (2) highly advanced artistic skills which enabled her to “show” people her visions from God, since the visions were far too complex for a young child to verbally describe.

Seeing Akiane’s original Prince of Peace painting, in person, took me all the way back to that feeling of being eye to eye with the true Son of God, Jesus Christ, and it is a feeling I will always remember as a treasure in Heaven.

Watch John Levay’s 1:48 video testimony … By Clicking This Link

“I give you this Testimony with God as my Witness.”

John Levay, ThereYouAreJesus.com, john@thereyouareJesus.com

John Levay
John Levayhttp://thereyouarejesus.wordpress.com
Contact: john@ThereYouAreJesus.com

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