Akiane Painted Who I Met in Heaven

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How many people do you know have died, met Jesus Christ, come back to life on earth, and found a painting of Jesus that is “precisely” who they saw during their death?

This is a true story of a divine connection through identical visions of Jesus Christ by two people who had not previously met. I testify this to you here and now with God as my eternal witness.

John R. Levay

To help you understand this experience, try to imagine yourself in the following sequence of events:

You wake up from sleeping because you can not breath, and eventually lose consciousness. Then you “regain” consciousness “without” your human body and realize, you’ve died.
Then you hear a voice and it’s your grandfather who died years earlier, greeting you, and telling you he is “taking you to see God.”
You realize that you still have vision, emotions, memory, hearing, and can communicate by your “thoughts,” which sound just like words. On earth, we call this communication “prayer” but other human beings can’t hear it. Whereas former humans now living in the afterlife, can.

You find yourself traveling through space with your grandfather, watching the stars and planets pass by like telephone poles on a highway.
Eventually you arrive at God’s Throne and see the actual fires of the Seven Holy Spirits of God, burning at the front of God’s Throne. You see the Lamb of God with Seven Eyes and Seven Horns, and a transparent sea of glass outside of God’s Throne.
Then you arrive at Heaven’s entrance with a door that is closed and a man standing in front of it, looking at you. You ask, “Is that Jesus?” and your grandfather says “No.” Then asks, “Would you like to see Jesus?” and you say “Yes.”
You see that the man at the door can apparently hear you and your grandfather, because he walks away from the door as if to make room for Jesus.

Eventually Jesus “materializes” right where the first man had been standing and looks up directly at you, making eye contact with you. He’s wearing a white robe and has a total of four “bold red marks” showing on his bare hands and feet.

You ask about the red marks and your grandfather answers, rather than Jesus. He says, “Jesus was crucified and those are his markers.” Your guess is that the reason Jesus appeared for you with red crucifixion markers showing is because you had thought someone else might be him.

Then you spend some time in silence with Jesus Christ, eye to eye with your Lord and Savior, the true Son of God.

Suddenly everything turns to darkness and you immediately find yourself re-entering the weight of your human body as cardiopulmonary resuscitation successfully restarts your heart.
You open your eyes and realize you are now back in your life on earth. You’ve gone from life, to death, and have come back. Over the years you see many portraits depicting Jesus but none are who you actually saw. Then one day you notice a painting that is “precisely” who you saw at Heaven’s entrance! All the way down to facial details such as the way his hair curls below his right ear.

Would you want to know more about this particular painting?

Then you learn this painting of Jesus is called “Prince of Peace” and is on display for all to see. Everyone around the world is invited to come experience this true image of Jesus Christ, for Free!

Would you want to tell people about this?

I sure do, and this is exactly what happened to me!

Going from life, to death, to Jesus Christ, and then back to life on earth… is uncommon. Finding a painting that shows the very same Jesus Christ in precise detail… feels like a gift from God… a Divine Connection!

The best part is… You can experience this same connection, at Beloved Gallery in Marble Falls, Texas, USA

I just had to go see the original painting for myself and when I did, it took me all the way back to that warm and loving feeling of being eye to eye with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Plus while there, I got to speak with the artist who painted it, Akiane Kramarik, and told her how I know her painting is 100 percent accurate.
Right after speaking with Akiane, I met Michelle Nehme who is a filmmaker as well as Writer and Producer for Beloved Gallery. Michelle and I recorded an interview that details the reasons why I can truly testify to the accuracy of Akiane’s painting of Jesus.
Several days later I sent a heartfelt thank you to Michelle for helping to make my visit to Beloved Gallery truly special. What an honor it was to receive the following message in reply.

Here we are right after recording the interview, Michelle Nehme and myself, John Levay.

By the way, audio and video versions of my content will be added to the written collections that are currently available on ThereYouAreJesus. Look for this coming in 2023.

The reason I chose a Golden Butterfly as the featured image for this post about Jesus Christ … is because I noticed that the artist who painted Jesus, Akiane Kramarik, was wearing a golden butterfly ring when we talked at Beloved Gallery.

Thank you Akiane, for all you do!

decorative golden butterfly on a black background
Golden Butterfly in honor of Akiane’s beautiful ring

Special Thanks … to: Lewis & Kirsten Cirne who are Co-Founders of Beloved Gallery; Donna Wilcox who is Chief Executive Officer; Johanna Adkins, Chief Creative Officer; Meredith Clowdus, Director of Facilities & Security; Sterling Johnson, Director of Beloved Cafe; Alaina Sivells, Director of Marketing; Gwen Shryock, Executive Coordinator; Jeanlu Kramarik, General Manager of Akiane Gallery; and the world-renowned Akiane Kramarik, who is living proof of God’s ability to give humans divine gifts.

Evidenced in 2003 by her having painted the exact same face of Jesus Christ that I saw in 1969 between my death, and medical resuscitation back to life. In 2003 Akiane was eight years old with parents who were atheist and agnostic. They did not have a Bible or speak about religion and no one else in her family was an artist. Yet God gave her heavenly visions and a gift for painting.

I encourage you to experience this divine connection with Jesus Christ by contacting Beloved Gallery in Marble Falls, Texas, USA.

You will feel the true meaning of the words, “There You Are!”


John R. Levay

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