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Modern-Day Evidence of God, Jesus Christ & Holy Spirit

10th Anniversary of ThereYouAreJesus

September 29, 2023 is the 10th anniversary of the visual miracle that interrupted the words of a desperate prayer by John Levay that formed a covenant between Jesus and John based on the words of John's prayer.

Spiritual Transformations by Seeing the Face of Jesus

Belóved Gallery is delighted to announce its first ever Fall Affair: A Celebration of Faith through Art on October 27th and 28th, 2023, with Master Artist Akiane Kramarik in attendance. Join us in Marble Falls, Texas, for a series of special events in support of Belóved Gallery’s mission: for people from around the world to experience faith through art. The 20th anniversary of the Prince of Peace painting will be the pinnacle of the celebration!

Atheist’s Career in Science Unexpectedly Leads to God

Some will be Surprised that Science actually Supports God

Song for You, My Sweet Lord & Oh Happy Day

Language Translation Available - See Top Left ...Music is one of the great ways to connect with Jesus... a New Version of a Classic Song -...

Akiane Kramarik is Appearing at Beloved Gallery’s Fall Affair & Gala

Join us for a Celebration of Faith through Art with Akiane Kramarik

Nature’s Gifts to Humans – from Opossums

Thanks to Opossums, humans have the Antidote to survive Poisonous Snake Venom.

Akiane Painted Who I Met in Heaven

How many people do you know have died, met Jesus Christ, come back to life on earth, and found a painting of Jesus that is "precisely" who they saw during their death?

Right at the Front of God’s Throne

  September 29, 2021 began the 8th year since the vision of 2013 that caused this website to happen, ThereYouAreJesus. Looking back, there may never...

9 / 11 – Did Some, Forget?

In Honor of True Heroes. This is a transcript of the phone call from passengers onboard the 4th hijacked plane, on the day America was...

Multiple-Countries, Unrecognized-Vehicles, Unbelievable-Capabilities

Here is a brief sampling of updates from multiple countries around the world, where military personnel in Jets, Submarines and on Radar are witnessing...

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