Guess what “else” is on that video!

For you to understand how significant this piece of evidence is (Hank’s story), I first need to give you another piece of evidence that happened prior to this (Nell’s story).  Hank died January 8, 2016 and Nell died March 1, 2014.  Just like in Hank’s case, Nell was admitted into hospice care shortly before dying.  In Nell’s case, she could still talk and communicate with us intelligently for the first two weeks in hospice.  She died after four weeks.

During those first two weeks, Nell and I talked about life after earth and agreed to do everything we can to try to figure out how to communicate with each other between earth and heaven, once she arrives. We also chose a specific way to confirm that we are truly in two-way communications with each other. That specific way involves her favorite bird of all, the “Eastern Bluebird.” Understand that it is not “just the appearance” of an eastern bluebird but rather “several things” have to happen simultaneously in order to serve as confirmation – including: (a) an eastern bluebird has to land near me and look directly at me, (b) it has to be at a relevant time when I am doing something specifically for her, such as memorializing her at some kind of event or speaking with her directly through prayer, etc, (c) the bluebird’s appearance has to have graceful timing with what we are doing, just like the graceful rhythm of any conversation between friends, and (d) it has to happen on a recurring basis.

These confirmations that Nell agreed to before dying have now happened “with precision” on numerous occasions since her death. Starting with the day of her funeral (March 8th 2014) mere moments before my family followed her casket into the church – we all witnessed it. Then again on her birthday April 13th, Mother’s Day, the day I arrived to receive her car keys that she had willed to me, and the list goes on!  For more on these stories, you can read the “Bluebird Series” on this website.

Now, with that in mind, let me tell you about Hank’s story. He and his doctors decided it best for him to begin hospice care at his home instead of being taken to the hospital by ambulance every other day to drain fluid off his lungs and heart. He was having congestive heart failure as well as a urinary tract infection. So he chose hospice care to stay in the comfort of his home.  I knew at this point that he may be leaving us for heaven soon, so I talked with him about life after earth.

Hank knew all about Nell’s bluebird confirmations and I asked him if he would like to make similar plans for communicating with us from heaven. He said yes, and we decided on using his favorite pet, a German Shepherd dog, as part of the confirmation process. It was understood that the same combination of events as is required to confirm Nell’s Eastern Bluebird communications will be required to confirm Hank’s German Shepherd communications.

Hank died on Friday, January 8, 2016 at 10:20 am. One week later, Friday, January 15, I was driving home to get ready for his visitation and prayer service that evening, the day before his burial.  I had not planned on speaking during the prayer service that night, until something unusual happened that day.  Then I realized I had to tell people what I witnessed, because of the agreement I have with Jesus Christ which is to share with you and all people around the world – everything that Jesus shares with me.  This is one of the reasons I created this website you are now reading,

Here is what happened:  As I was driving just before his funeral prayer service, I came upon a German Shepherd dog sitting on a driveway, right up near the road, watching me approach in my car. The German Shepherd sat there and watched me drive by, from left to right.  I said out loud “Oh my God! You did it Hank!” Excited and already past the dog, I made a U-turn to go back and get a picture, but found the camera on my cellphone was not working! Of all times for this to happen! I thought “oh no,  not again” because I have witnessed so many remarkable coincidences without any camera or anybody to corroborate what I see.  I quickly looked around in the car and fortunately found that my video camera was in the car. Thank God!  So I turned on the camera, rolled down the window, drove up to German Shepherd, and slowly rolled to a stop right in front of him.

With video camera recording, I started talking to the dog trying to let him know he need not be concerned.  And he was looking at me like “what is this guy doing?” But I talked to him for a little bit, asking if “he’s a good boy” and stuff like that, while videotaping his body language the whole time.

Once I got some footage to document the German Shepherd, I went straight home and downloaded the video to my computer so I could show my sister that Hank’s prophesy had come true. I played the video, turned on the volume, and to our surprise – guess what “else” is on that video!  Nell’s prophesy, an Eastern Bluebird, was also on that same video, off-camera, signing in the background while I was videotaping Hank’s German Shepherd!

To prove to my sister that it truly is an Eastern Bluebird singing on the German Shepherd video, I googled “eastern bluebird songs” to play for her, side by side with the German Shepherd video, and the bird song in each are exactly identical.

Of all the animals that could have been on that video tape, it was the exact same genus and species that both Hank, and Nell, had chosen to serve as confirmation of their presence in two-way communications between heaven and earth.

That’s not just “a” coincidence – that is “layers” of coincidences.  At what point do we say “Okay, okay, I’m convinced?”

These pre-planned coincidences that actually materialize – and appear “together” on the same video – says to me that Hank and Nell:  (a) are together again; (b) are conscious and alive as spiritual beings, (c) have arrived in heaven, and (d) are letting us know as best they can.  Keep in mind, it’s not like they can pick up the phone and say “hey we made it.”

This is why we on earth have to open our minds to learning new ways of communicating in order for us to use the only five senses we have (vision, hearing, smell, touch, and taste) to communicate with that which cannot be seen, heard, smelled, touched, or tasted.  Such as spiritual beings who have left their human bodies on earth and remain conscious in life that exists after earth.  The question is, will “we” recognize and respond-to their attempts to communicate with us?

Pictured below are photos of the actual animals involved in some of the two-way communications between heaven and earth that I have witnessed and had a camera with me to document.

IMG_7490           e4e8e30509f12f74514745d8dee68c3e

Coming soon I will have a link to the video mentioned in this post of the German Shepherd with the Eastern Bluebird singing in the background.  But for now, enjoy reading this, because it is an awesome development in the quest for evidence of two-way communications between heaven and earth.

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