Pretty incredible, isn’t it?

Saturday December 5th 2015 I had another two-way communication between heaven and earth. This time, with Jesus himself. Saying a prayer is one thing but getting a response to the prayer is quite another. It is the “response” that makes the communication “two-way.”

For several months now, one of my comments in one of my posts has been weighing heavily on my mind. It’s the post titled “THERE you are! – How this whole thing started”. In this post, I say “If anything I say on this website is not 100% true then I do not deserve to be allowed into heaven when I die” and I ask God to be my witness.

I said this, not to be careless about whether or not I am allowed into heaven – but rather, to show you how serious I am about the truthfulness of what I am telling you on this website.

However when a member of the clergy told me I “might not want to make reference about God letting me into heaven”, it began to worry me. Even though everything you read on this website that comes from me is the God’s honest truth.  Nonetheless, his concern gave me concern.

So I’ve been thinking about his advice for a while now. Last night, Saturday December 5th 2015, I attended a Christmas party. When I left this party and was driving home, I began thinking about his advice again and I began to pray while driving. I spoke from my heart to Jesus. It was a beautiful prayer and just kind of poured out of me. Now, 24 hours later, I’m struggling to recreate the exact words I said but it was something like this: “I truly do not want to offend you Jesus when I say to people ‘If anything I say on this website is not true then I should not be allowed into heaven when I die. I simply want people to know I am telling the truth.”

I went on to thank Jesus for everything he is showing me, starting with the amazing visionary sequence that started this whole website on September 29 2013 – and expanding 5 months later when someone very special to me died and our plans to “try and figure out how to communicate with each other after she gets to heaven” – now happening exactly as we had planned (Bluebird Series) and some things we had “not” planned that she obviously has learned since arriving in heaven (Corroborating Witness Series and 11:12 Series).

In this particular prayer I did not ask Jesus to show me a “sign” (also known as a “response”), the way I had asked for one in a prayer described in the post titled “That’s when Jesus showed me the sign.”  In this particular prayer I simply poured out my heart, However, I got a response anyway.

It was a short drive home from the Christmas party and when I arrived, one of the first things I did was empty my pockets so I could change into something more comfortable. In my right pants pocket, I found the cross necklace that I have been missing for about two months now. This is the actual necklace.


My son gave it to me years ago and it is one of my treasures. I had looked in a lot of places but had not found it. Yet on this night, right after I had a true heart to heart prayer with Jesus to tell him of my concern about what I said in one of my posts and I assured him I am only trying to do my very best for him. On “this” particular night, I suddenly find something I have been missing for months. And this “something” just happens to be the symbol for the very person I was talking to in my prayer, just moments earlier as I drove home.

There we have the components of a coincidence which point to an actual response from heaven:  graceful timing and relevance.  The “relevance” is that (a) I had just finished talking to Jesus Christ through prayer and (b) suddenly I find the symbol for Jesus that I had been missing for months, my cross necklace.  The “graceful timing” is that (a) I found this missing cross right after saying this prayer and (b) this all happened right after a “Christmas” party which celebrates the birth of the very person I was praying to.  Pretty incredible, isn’t it?

It is clear to me that by suddenly finding this cross after saying this prayer, Jesus was letting me know “it’s okay.”

Thank you Jesus for having “two-way communications” with me, and thank “you” for reading this. There’s plenty more to come! I can’t even keep up with everything I want to share with you when I only do about one new post a week. I can definitely foresee increasing this in the future. But for now, let me just say “I am grateful.”


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