TIMELINE of Discovery on ThereYouAreJesus

  • 2013, September 29 – I Personally witnessed a visual miracle of Jesus Christ appearing with the Seven Spirits of God in high-definition color during a prayer that was pouring out of my heart in desperation. His surprise appearance inside of that prayer formed a covenant between Jesus and me, which is now in full display on ThereYouAreJesus.com

  • 2014, November 12 – I Launched this website at 11:12am by publishing the first post, which details his surprise appearance in 2013.

  • 2013, through 2019 – Years of searching for answers to the two main questions (1) What did I see? and (2) Why me? The first 6 years discovered a continuous flow of coincidences that occurred with pinpoint precision in timing and relevance to situations in life. Coincidences such as (1) prayers that get actual responses, and (2) God’s love appearing by surprise, such as in heart-shaped water drops found in photos I had taken of nature after a rain. As the number of coincidences grew, categories of modern day evidence evolved, including: Nature; Numbers; and Everyday Things. A fourth category titled Eyewitness Afterlife was born years later, when I regained access to repressed traumatic memories of my childhood death. Content posted in Eyewitness Afterlife is direct evidence, not coincidental, as it details “life after death: before, during, and after medical resuscitation back into my human body.”

  • 2019, April through May – Major answers to my two main questions started materializing when I regained conscious-access to unconscious repressed traumatic memories from childhood (1960’s) that had been “hidden” from my own consciousness, which I’ve learned is one of the human body’s autonomic defense mechanisms to protect us from unbearable memories. Reasons those memories were unbearable include (1) my death by suffocation, (2) followed by resuscitation back to life. The time it takes to be resuscitated was enough for me to see some of heaven, including God’s Throne, the Seven Spirits of God and Jesus Christ. As a result of these memories returning to my consciousness, I now have vivid details of (1) how I was killed, and (2) what happened in heaven when I was resuscitated back to life on earth.

  • 2020, February – Seven months before the Seventh anniversary of the vision that created this website (September) I found the Seven Spirits of God (Revelation, Bible) which describe what I witnessed during a temporary death in the 1960’s and again during the visual miracle that spawned this website in 2013. First wave of details are in the post Corroborating Seven Spirits of God.

  • 2020, March 25 – One month after learning about God’s 7 Spirits, I find an online illustration of those 7 Spirits and realize, the visual miracle of 2013 that created this website, was the 7 Spirits of God. Details are in 7 Months, 7 Years, 7 Spirits and the Seal of God.

  • 2020, October 30 – This website, ThereYouAreJesus, proposed the first revision in 1,639 years to Christianity’s Nicene Creed prayer for the purpose of bringing worthy magnification to each of God’s Seven Spirits, in ways that are more closely aligned with their importance in heaven, where they have a permanent residence at the front of God’s Throne. Yet in our own Christian Bible they are only mentioned five times, and that is only in the Old Testament. They are not even mentioned in the New Testament. Compare that to the fact that both times Jesus Christ has appeared for me (1969 in Death and 2013 in Prayer), both times, his 7 Spirits were visually present with Jesus. The inconsistency between heaven and earth gives me the work I am to do for Jesus Christ here on earth: Teach the Importance of God’s Seven Spirits, which are (1) Knowledge, (2) Understanding, (3) Wisdom, (4) Holy Spirit of The Lord Jesus Christ, (5) Counsel, (6) Might, and (7) Fear of The Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Summary of 2013 – 2020 – 7 years of searching for the reason I witnessed a visual-miracle in 2013 have finally led to answers for the two main questions I have had: (1) What did I see? and (2) Why me? Now that these questions are answered, I am sharing the details with you on ThereYouAreJesus. Here is a short-version of the answers to my two main questions:

    Question-1: What did I see? Answer-1: I saw The 7 Spirits of God appear before my closed-eyes during a prayer while in church. God’s 7 Spirits are: Understanding, Knowledge, Wisdom, Holy Spirit of The Lord Jesus Christ, Counsel, Might, and Fear of The Lord Jesus Christ

    Question-2: Why me? Answer-2: Because I have already come face to face and eye to eye with our Lord Jesus Christ at the entrance to heaven between the time I was murdered by my abusive earthy-father in 4th grade (1968/69) and medically resuscitated by my murderer. I use the word murder because he planned my death, it was premeditated. It takes minutes to be resuscitated back to life but only seconds to regain consciousness and brought before God. Minutes verse seconds provides ample time to be shown some areas just outside of heaven. Including God’s Throne, Seven Spirits of God burning before the Throne, Sea of glass outside of the Throne, Lamb with seven eyes and seven horns inside the Throne, and the entrance to heaven. This is where I came eye to eye with Jesus Christ, and this is where I was aborted from heaven by my human body’s resuscitation back to life on earth.

    Lesson Learned during this investigation: God communicates with us through coincidences we see in our life. I documented many as I searched for answers and those I documented are now grouped by similarities into three of our four categories of evidence: Nature, Numbers, and Everyday Things. The fourth category is titled Eyewitness Afterlife, which is comprised of direct testimonial evidence, as compared to the circumstantial nature of coincidences.

    An example of our evidence: The following two images came to me 7 years apart, 2013 and 2020. When combined, they form one exhibit of evidence which helps answer the question “What did I see?” The words highlighted in red along the right side of the images will walk you through this discovery. Please note that the words in red are repeated below the image for the benefit of readers who do not speak english and depend upon our language translation service.

    Language Translation: To the right of the top image; “This is the image attempting to recreate the visual miracle that began this website back in 2013. Starting with The Lord in the center, compare this to the following image.” To the right of the bottom image; “This is the image found online in 2020, depicting the Bible’s “Seven Spirits of God.” This image explains that the color streams in the visual miracle of 2013, top image, were the 7 Spirits of God!”