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We loved our first website, but simply outgrew it...


The first version of ThereYouAreJesus published from 11/12/14 - 2/1/23. This new version launched 4/30/23 and will resume publishing soon. We are looking forward to sharing our latest evidence of modern day interactions with God... right here, on ThereYouAreJesus.com

Our Covenant with God

Priorities of ThereYouAreJesus are all lessons learned from extremely traumatic experiences. Sometimes our greatest callings are born from our greatest pain.

  1. The Seven Holy Spirits of God: They were shown to me during the time between my death and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. While being suffocated, I lost consciousness. As soon as my body died, I regained consciousness, and my grandfather George greeted me. He was very sorry my dad had just killed me and said he was “taking me to see God.” George showed me God’s Throne, the Lamb of God, and the Seven Holy Spirits of God. He explained each one of the Seven Spirits to me and said, “If you go back to life, you should tell people about them because they are much more important here with God than they are with people on earth.” As it turned out, I did come back to life on earth, and I am fulfilling my grandfather’s wishes by sharing their importance here on ThereYouAreJesus.com. My grandfather’s name is George Russell Quirk and I am George’s messenger from God, John Russell Levay.
  2. Jesus Christ: After touring God’s Throne, my grandfather took me to Heaven’s entrance where I met Jesus Christ eye to eye. The reason Jesus appeared for me is by the request of my grandfather George. I had asked if someone else at the entrance, who looked like Jesus, was Jesus and George said “No.” He asked, “Would you like to see Jesus,” and I said “Yes.” I don’t think Jesus planned on being there though, because there was a pause in the tour and the man standing at Heaven’s entrance “walked away” as if to make room for Jesus. Eventually Jesus “materialized” right where the man had been standing and looked up directly at me. I could see him from head to toe. He was wearing a white robe with bare hands and feet and had a total of four “bold red marks” on his hands and feet. I asked, “What are those red marks?” and my grandfather answered, rather than Jesus. He said, “Jesus was crucified and those are his markers.” I think the reason he appeared with red crucifixion markers showing is because I thought the first person at the entrance was him. Jesus and I looked at each other for a brief while but we did not speak. This is when cardiopulmonary resuscitation successfully jump started the heart of my human body back on earth, which caused my unexpectedly-abrupt departure from heaven. I immediately found myself re-entering the weight of my human body on the same mattress I had just been killed on. 
  3. Child Abuse: This is the very first trauma I ever experienced, and it began years before I was killed and resuscitated by my one abusive parent. The reason he killed me is because I answered my 4th grade teacher honestly and completely when she asked me questions about “What’s wrong?” In 4th grade at 9 years of age, I was unaware that (a) my father would find out everything I told my teacher, and (b) teachers are required by law to report child abuse to authorities, but that (c) sometimes people protect their friends rather than follow the law. Instead of notifying the authorities, they notified my father – the same day I reported his abuse to my teacher – and, they left me in my father’s custody. He killed me later that same school year when the rest of my family were away for one night, and resuscitated me back to life before my mom got home. This is why “Improving society’s Intervention of child abuse” is one of God’s missions for me.

I testify these truths to you with God as my Witness, John Russell Levay.

Brand New Content will appear in this section, first, before moving further below into their appropriate category of evidence. We have four categories ranging from Direct/Irrefutable to Circumstantial/Coincidental. EYEWITNESS AFTERLIFE is the category for Direct/Irrefutable content. NATURE, NUMBERS, and EVERYDAY THINGS are the three categories for Circumstantial/Coincidental content. We are looking forward to sharing our latest evidence with you starting June 7th!

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