8/31/2019, Dies 5 Times, Sees Heaven and Lives to Tell

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Coming up in today’s post (1) our featured evidence is an eye witness of “vibrant colors with Jesus standing there,” (2) communications with a reader in Africa who was born Muslim and is now Christian, (3) an update on the readership of TYAJesus from Google.com/Analytics, and (4) an update on what Christians are up to in Hong Kong.

First, a few words about the two most recent posts, 7/31/2019 and 6/30/2019. God threw a curve into the 6 year timeline of TYAJesus (2013-2019) by introducing brand new evidence (2019) that arrived in the form of 50 year old repressed memories of childhood trauma from the 1960’s. Well over 40 years before this website even existed. And this 50 year old evidence not only fits into the content of this website, it also answers the 6 year old question I have had ever since the vision of 2013 that created this website, which is, “why did Jesus appear in my vision during my prayer but not during your prayer?” (so far, anyway)

I went through some emotions while regaining access to those long lost memories, and I know I wasn’t the only one. So I want to provide the following information for anyone who would like some help with past or present abuse.

Here are links to four good sites with helpful information.
  1. Survivors of Abuse
  2. Help for Adult Victims of Childhood Abuse
  3. Common Questions Asked by People Healing from Narcissistic Abuse
  4. Seven Ways to Help a Child Heal from Trauma
Sometimes an abusive situation evolves into a life-threatening emergency. If you or someone you know is in danger, please call 911 in the USA or your local law enforcement where the abuse is taking place.
  • Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-422-4453
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233
  • National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673
  • Individual states have local child abuse hotlines, too USA
Internationally – I want to compile helpful resources for as many countries within our readership as possible. Currently 65 countries as of mid year 2019, you can see the complete list below in this post. If you can help me with information for any of these countries, please email it to me at john.levay@yahoo.com
www.BibleGateway.com – is a great resource for looking things up in the Bible. You can search the entire Bible in seconds for keywords and scripture passages. You can even listen if you don’t feel like reading. And it’s all free.

I also want to speak to the heart of anyone who is causing a child to suffer abuse. I wish I could have said this to my abuser but since that is no longer possible, I will give this to God so that Jesus can use it for his own purpose on a global scale through this website, ThereYouAreJesus.com. If you know of active abuse, please give the following message to the abuser.

“The coverup of a crime can be far worse than the crime itself. Realize, that you do not have to destroy your victim to eliminate the problem you created. You do not have to do things that destabilize and delegitimize your victim’s memory in case your victim starts reporting on you. You can eliminate your problem in a constructive fashion, rather than destructive, by having an honest conversation with your victim, explaining your mistake and helping your victim heal. You will be helping yourself heal in the process. And saving yourself, and your victim from a future filled with debilitating stress and PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Realize the harm being caused to all parties, mentally commit to stopping the abuse and begin the process of undoing the mess, starting right now.”

I pray this lesson I have learned can successfully detoxify at least one abusive relationship.

Modern Day Evidence
Today’s featured evidence of heaven comes from an eye witness who died 5 times and lives to tell.
Tina and Brian Hines were headed out for a hike one morning this spring, when Tina suddenly dropped to the ground.
“Her eyes didn’t close, and they were rolled back in her head. She was purple and not making any noise or breathing,” said Brian Hines.
Brian was able to bring Tina back to life using CPR, but her heart soon stopped again. Paramedics arrived and brought her back again, only to watch her code – her heart stopping – three more times. She was brought back a total of five times, and during that time, Tina says she saw heaven.
“It was so real, the colors were so vibrant,” said Tina about her vision. She says she saw black gates and Jesus standing in front of them, with a bright yellow glow behind him.
Miraculously, when this mother of four woke up in the hospital, she immediately gestured for a pen and piece of paper, with which she wrote down, “It’s real.” When asked what her note referenced, Hines responded while intubated by “pointing up to heaven with tears in her eyes,” according to her niece.
Pictured below / left are the words Tina wrote, It’s real. And below / right is a tattoo of those words as a permanent reminder of her experience. You can take a closer look by clicking on each.

Her tattoo and my website are kind of similar in the sense that they both commemorate something spectacular. Something that is cause for  all of us  to rejoice. Thank you Jesus.
Watch the television news video about this story, here ( 4 minutes )
Full CREDIT for this story – Phoenix, AZ ( 3TV, CBS5 ) April Warnecke, AZfamily.com
Copyright 2018 KPHO, KTVK ( KPHO Broadcasting Corporation )
Thank you for this truly inspiring story.

I recently exchanged messages with a reader in West Africa, named Haruna Lano. He lives in Nigeria.


Haruna Lano I LOST MY ELDER SISTER, ZAINAB MOHAMMED, TO THE COLD HANDS OF DEATH TODAY. Dear sister, when I open my eyes into the world, you were lik a mother to me. Depart in peace. Your memories will remain indelible in my life. Rest in peace dear sister.
John Levay I am sorry for your loss Haruna Lano. I pray she will be in heaven so you can reunite one day. God bless you.
  • Haruna Lano She was a Muslim
  • John Levay Did she live in the northern part of the country?
  • Haruna Lano YES. Is common to see mixed up families like mine especially in central Nigeria
  • John Levay I see where you write your sister was “like a mother” to you. I gather you two were very close. She was Muslim and you are Christian, right? Did your religious differences ever pose a problem for you?
  • Haruna Lano Not much. We most times explain reasons for each other’s belief. I have an Islam background and childhood upbringing
  • John Levay Oh I see. I notice you contribute comments on TYAJesus.com. Did you convert to Christianity at some point in your life or would you say you are more Muslim than Christian?
  • Haruna Lano I am a Christian. No more no less. Yes I converted to Christianity at some point in my life.
  • John Levay Your story is very interesting Haruna. I believe your life must make our Lord Jesus very happy.
  • Haruna Lano I am very happy knowing Christ. An living the Christian life
  • John Levay Amen my brother, me too.
  • Haruna Lano The best thing in life is to have Jesus.
  • John Levay I fully agree Haruna. Please keep in touch with us here on ThereYouAreJesus.com
  • Haruna Lano OK. Thanks.
Haruna lives in Nigeria, which is currently at number 6 on the list of countries with enough people reading ThereYouAreJesus to show up on Google.com/Analytics.
You can click on the images below to enlarge them so you can see.

TYAJesus is now read in 65 countries. Here’s what our readership looks like on a world map.

You can see the affect Jesus has on the success of this website, in both the number of people reached, and the modern-day evidence we publish. Can you imagine if I was trying to do this without Jesus? None of this would be happening.

My job is simply to share what I learn while providing Jesus with a direct connection to you. Jesus and you are the heart and soul of ThereYouAreJesus, also known as TYAJesus.

He is always at the door of our hearts, desiring to come in and fellowship with us (Revelation 3:20). It is up to us to give up the sin that separates us, and open the door to receive his love, his forgiveness and the fullness of his beautiful Holy Spirit.

God is for everyone and that includes you, as well as our fellow Christians in Hong Kong.

As pro-democracy demonstrators let their voices be heard, the region’s Christian community has started to rise up by the thousands, singing Christian hymns and prayers.

What a beautiful city!

Please be sure to look at the Books Shows & Sites on the right side of the homepage here on TYAJesus. They are important to me.

Thank you, John Levay


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