Easter’s Surprise Communication During Holy Week

This post is like the Part-2 of a 2-Part series on Holy Week. While writing the original post planned for Easter, an unexpected piece of modern day evidence appeared. Let me explain:

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Sometimes I like supplementing our modern-day evidence with Biblical Scripture and such was the case for All the Major Events of Holy Week. However, I decided to add one single sentence to the scripture I was transcribing because I truly feel it helps the scripture make its point.

The sentence added, is “An eternal salvation, which ‘I’ believe (John@ThereYouAreJesus.com) is ours “only” if we truly believe in our hearts that Jesus did indeed conquer death” – as shown in the next image, highlighted with blue outline.

While proofreading what I had typed, I found something extra had been added without me knowing, which is highlighted by the little red square in this next screenshot.

That something extra, is a “typo” which for translation purposes is a “mistake.” But here is my point, of all the characters on the keyboard that I could have hit by mistake, 103 to be exact (see photo below of the actual keyboard I was using), but of all the characters I could have hit by mistake, the “+” sign was the key mistakenly hit. What is significant is that the + sign is also used as a symbol of Jesus Christ, by way of the + sign being a symbol of the cross.

Think about the chances of this happening:

  • Of the 103 different characters on the particular keyboard I was using, 21 of them are on keys that offer 2 different characters, depending on whether or not the shift key is used in combination with them.
  • Those 21 keys with 2 different characters total 42 of the 103 different characters on the keyboard – and only 1 of those 103 characters is also known as a symbol of Jesus Christ, that being the + sign.
  • In order for me to have mistakenly interjected a symbol of Jesus Christ after the one and only sentence I added to the Biblical scripture I was transcribing, I would have had to have used the “shift” key in combination with the “=/+” key – simultaneously – and without realizing it. Otherwise the mistake would have been an = sign, rather than a + sign.
  • The fact is, I don’t believe that happened. It’s just too many layers of coincidence for that theory to be plausible.
  • However, from the human perspective rather than the spiritual perspective, it is equally implausible that God placed the + sign there. Yet there it is, a sign of God’s Son, our Lord and Savior, appearing by surprise right after the one and only sentence I thought should be added to an otherwise 100% transcription of Biblical scripture.

When you (1) set out on a mission like I have, to document evidence of two-way communications between heaven and earth, and (2) you continually find surprising signs of circumstantial evidence like this, (3) when does it become a preponderance of evidence proving beyond a doubt that Jesus Christ likes interacting with us as we learn about him?

Lesson Learned:  God sometimes speaks softly… +

Thank God for Jesus Christ, amen.

And thank you for your time, I pray for Jesus to bless you and your loved ones always, amen.

John Levay