7/31/2019, Reason to Rescue

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If you missed the two most recent posts on ThereYouAreJesus.com, then you missed a couple of doozies.

Since its inception, the driving force of ThereYouAreJesus.com has become multi-faceted (1st) simply trying to maintain composure after seeing Jesus enter my prayer in celebratory fashion on 9/29/2013, (2nd) investigating why Jesus would enter my prayer but not anyone else’s I know, and (3rd) witnessing and reporting modern-day evidence of two way communications between loved ones on earth and in heaven, which has led to (4th) the identification of an intelligent and responsive language between heaven and earth that is conveyed through coincidences [a] that involve numbers, nature, everyday things, and multiple witnesses, and [b] that appear with as much timing and relevance as any good conversation with a close friend.

Now after 6 years and over 60 evidentiary posts between 2013 and 2019 – the question “why Jesus would choose to enter my prayer” – has finally been answered – in the form of repressed traumatic memories from childhood that were regained from deep within my subconscious, back into the forefront of my consciousness. Triggered by watching an interview with Colton Burpo who is portrayed in the movie Heaven is for Real. The words Colton used to describe heaven to his parents in the early 2000’s are the exact same words I said to my mom back in the 1960’s while trying to describe my recent visit with God and with Jesus Christ which involved (1) “throne room”, and (2) “markers.”

But she was unaware that my other parent had killed me several days earlier and then resuscitated me back to life in my human body, which provided enough time during the temporary death of my human body, for my spiritual body to be taken on a “visual and audible tour” of some sites in heaven. Sites including (1) the “throne room” of God, and (2) red “markers” on the bare hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

And she was unfamiliar with the terms “throne room” and “markers” – so she told me “No, those aren’t markers, Jesus was crucified.”

Now five decades later in 2019, it took several months after watching Colton’s interview for my repressed memories to fully return to my consciousness. As they did, it at times felt like a rising tide of memories that flooded me with some pretty horrific events.

As of the 2019 return of these repressed memories from 1960’s, my 6 year old question since 2013 of “why my prayer but not yours?” has now been clearly answered (2019). Here is what I have learned..

Jesus did not enter my prayer because I am lucky or chosen. He entered my prayer because he and I have already met, 50 years earlier, during my temporary death in childhood. And even though I forgot the whole death event for the past 50 years by way of an “automatic survival process” called “repressing traumatic memories,” even though I forgot, clearly Jesus remembers. I now can see that this is the main reason why Jesus entered that prayer. This, combined with, the content of that prayer. I was literally praying for him to come in, take over, and show me how this life is done.

Realizing the connection between the 2013 vision during prayer, 2019’s return of repressed memories and 1960’s memory of visions while temporarily dead → realizing each one of these events includes the visual presence of Jesus Christ, creates a really good feeling of being dear old friends with Jesus, our Lord. By the way, I give full details of my death and resuscitation in the post titled “BreakingThrough” which you can open into a new tab for later, if you would like. 

The 6/30 and 5/31 posts both deal with modern day evidence of Jesus Christ interacting with us during our lifetimes, however unlike most of the other 60+ pieces of evidence on TYAJesus, content in the 5/31 and 6/30 posts deal with criminal activity in the form of child abuse, that (1) went unreported, and (2) resulted in the death of a child by suffocation, who (3) was immediately resuscitated back to life by the same person who did the suffocation. Why? In an apparent attempt to cause the child to “forget about” abuse previously suffered that would cause an arrest if law enforcement were notified.

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, gaslighting involves attempts to destabilize the victim and thereby delegitimize the victim’s memory and beliefs. Instances range from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred, to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with intent to disorient the victim.

Yes it is a major story, but reporting on “child abuse” was not one of the topics we were expecting. However, reporting on all of the ways we find evidence of God interacting in our lives is one of our original objectives, established in 2013

A repressed memory is one that has been blocked out of a person’s conscious mind. The memory is not entirely forgotten, and may come back many years or even decades after an event took place. Most instances of repressed memories involve especially traumatic, stressful, or frightful events, such as childhood abuse, a car accident, or a war, battle.

To say → the emergence of these 50 year old memories involving suffocation, death, and eye to eye contact with Jesus, followed by CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation back to life here on earth → complicates things, is an understatement.

For example (a) the existing timeline for this website only runs six years so far, 2013 to 2019 and now we have newly discovered evidence in 2019 that is actually fifty years old from the 1960’s, (b) the subject matter involved in this evidence is not only upsetting but also criminal, (c) the criminal component makes some people rather uncomfortable, while at the same time provides comfort for others who hope to see current and future victims rescued.

After a lot of soul searching, I have decided to use the upsetting and criminal memories as lessons to point out loopholes in the law for the benefit of our current and future generations of children who find themselves in what can seem like horrible, helpless and hidden suffering.

Given my own experience in having been severely abused for well over a decade throughout my childhood, I have a wealth of insight to contribute. Including (a) how abusers have escaped justice, (b) why an adult becomes a child abuser, (c) what should be done, and not done, from the “abused-child’s perspective,” and (d) why some people working in professions that are legally required to report child abuse, sometimes don’t report – when it’s one of their own.

The “reporting of” child abuse is taken so seriously that in every state child abuse laws require some professionals, and in many cases adults in general, to report suspected child abuse. In almost all states, the following professionals are required to report suspected child abuse:
  • Teachers, principals
  • Doctors, nurses
  • Law enforcement officials
  • Social workers
  • Childcare workers
Child abuse reporting laws also frequently apply to:
  • Clergy
  • Parents
  • Recreational groups
  • Photograph/film processors
  • Counselors
  • And others
In 18 states, any adult that “suspects or has reasons to believe” that a child has been abused or neglected must report the child abuse.

I have an invitation for you → if you are motivated to help rescue children trapped in chronic abuse → please let me know through either of two email addresses: (1) john.levay@yahoo.com, or (2) the Message field on our Subscribe page located on the main menu of ThereYouAreJesus.com. Here is an illustration showing you exactly where this is located.

ThereYouAreJesus.com / TYAJesus.com, is now being read in more than 60 countries according to Google Analytics.

There are children in your country praying for rescue the same way there are children in my country praying. And probably in every country around the world. Imagine how many prayers God receives everyday. Do you think God could answer more prayers if he had more help?

I do

and I am asking you to help-me help-God rescue-children.

More to come..

Thank you, John, Member of ThereYouAreJesus .com LLC

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