Incredible realizing two-way communications with loved-ones in heaven

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Friday July 1 2016, as I turn on my computer to catch up on the morning news, I notice the clock on the cd player said “1:12”am. Although that clock is always wrong, because I only use it for music, still it works and it said the time was 1:12 am. Here’s why this is relevant:

  • 112 is the exact number sequence that identifies the presence of one particular person who now lives in heaven.  (yes I know this evidence is part of the 11:12 Series but “112”, not 1112)
  • Of all the hours and minutes in a day (24 hours x 60 minutes = 1,440 minutes), the time I see as I sit down at the computer is 1:12.

So I smiled and embraced the realization that her spiritual body was present with me and I took a picture of the numbers with my cellphone (shown below with red highlight).  The reason for the picture is that I have learned one little sign sometimes is the start of a whole combination of signs that turn into one great big crazy coincidence with incredible grace and relevance to what I am doing. And “those” are the types of coincidences I like to document, analyze, compare, and share with you.

11-12 Bose CDtime DrLong 2

I’ve added a footnote to the bottom of this page that quickly recaps why the numbers 112 have become a sign that a specific person in heaven is visiting with me.

As I begin to peruse the news headlines I see one that reads “Are near death experiences evidence of an afterlife?” Of course that peaks my interest as I have a calling to research two way communications between heaven and earth. So I click on the link and it takes me to an interview. I listen to the interview and hear how this doctor has studied 4,000 near-death experiences of people from every background and religion around the globe, including atheists.

What further interests me is that his findings agree with my findings. His calling is apparently to research near-death experiences whereas my calling is to research methods of two way communications between heaven and earth. Our findings corroborate each other’s evidence and our evidence leads to the same conclusions! His name is Dr. Jeffrey Long and I would like to meet him to learn more about his research and tell him about mine. I think we can help each other learn more about life as it continues beyond our time on earth.

At this point of the morning, two (2) things have happened:

  1. The specific number-sequence appears that signifies when a particular loved one, now in heaven, is present with me here on earth.
  2. The next thing I do is find an interview of someone with evidence about God and the Afterlife – and it corroborates with evidence I have found.

At this point I’m getting pretty enthused, but the story doesn’t end there!  As I mentioned earlier in this post, I don’t set the clock on my cd player because I only use it to play music, not tell time. When I want to know what time it is, I use my cellphone.  The reason I bring this up is this:  When I finished listening to this interview (several times), I checked the time on my phone and of all the times it could have been, it’s none other than “11:12.”  Adding yet another layer to this growing coincidence.  The number-sequence of 1112 has been a part of so many coincidences in my life that occur during the most relevant times that I now publish a series online about them called the “11:12 Series” and now, here’s another one!

This picture is a screen shot of the actual time on my mobile phone as this coincidence was happening.

11-12 iPhone FoxNews DrJLong 1

So now three (3) things have happened:

  1. First the numbers “112” appear which have become a sign that a particular loved one, now in heaven, is present with me here on earth.
  2. The very next thing I do is find an interview about someone who has evidence about God and the Afterlife and it corroborates with my evidence.
  3. And when I’m done listening to the interview, the numbers “1112” appear (not 112 but 1112), which have become the sign that God himself is present with me:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I am not the only one who is experiencing these phenomena. Anyone who pays attention to these things will see them abundantly in their life.  If you’re interested but are not seeing anything like this in your life, then I would like to help you learn the language of coincidence.  Because it is an incredible feeling to open up two-way communication with heaven.

The signs in your communications will likely be different from mine because God makes his communications with us specifically relevant to each one of us.  This is one way he connects with us. For example, the reason the number sequence 1112 is relevant to me is because it is the date of my birth, November 12th.  When you start paying attention to things like this – little things, crazy coincidences – you will begin to notice them occurring with:  (a) Relevance to what you are doing when they occur, (b) Graceful Timing and Coordination with what you are doing, and (c) Recurrence as you will see them happening over and over again.  These are coincidences, and after several years of documenting, analyzing, and comparing them, I have become absolutely convinced that they truly are the language between heaven and earth.

Thanks!  I invite you to contact me for more information.  Would love hearing from you!

My name is John and I am the founder of  My email is

C R E D I T S:  I give my heartfelt gratitude to the following people who became a part of this evidence:

  • Fox News Correspondent Lauren Green
  • Dr. Jeffrey Long, author of the book titled God and the Afterlife
  • Here is a print screen taken as I watched their interview online

11-12 FoxNews DrJLong

F O O T N O T E:  Here is the brief-recap I mentioned earlier in this post.  This is how the numbers “112” (not 1112 in this particular case, but 112) have become a sign that a specific person in heaven is visiting with me:

  • I had begun noticing the numbers 112 appearing over and over in my daily activities:  cash register receipts, time on the clock, and so on.
  • Then while browsing through pictures on my computer one day I found a video of a loved one, now in heaven, that I had previously downloaded from camera to computer.
  • And what do I find in the file name that the computer randomly created for her video?  The numbers 112.
  • Of all the alpha-numeric combinations you can imagine, the computer picks one with 112.
  • Furthermore, within that filename “HPIM0112” is “IM0112” which when spoken sounds like “I am 112”.  Crazy coincidence?  Yeah, I know!  But keep in mind, when people go to heaven it’s not like they can pick up the phone and call us when they get there.
  • We have to be open to learning new ways of communication.  Especially when they keep occurring.
  • Here is a picture of her video’s randomly-generated computer file name, highlighted in red.

Video-HPIM0112 (5)

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