Another 11:12 Coincidence! Seriously? Let’s Analyze:

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I’m going to tell you several quick things because they establish the relevance of this brand new crazy coincidence.

April 21 2016, my sister and I gathered to begin preparing for an estate sale of our parent’s properties that she and I inherited. To do so, we have to sort through an accumulation of more than 60 years of contents and memories in not one, but two homes.  The objective being to decide what we are keeping, selling, and trashing.

While talking, we began reminiscing about our mom and dad who are now in heaven.

She told me of one specific act of nature that always gives her a feeling of connection with our mom and that it has been happening since her arrival.

I told her about some of the latest content published on and let her read a recent article titled Easter’s Surprise Communication from Heaven.

We also talked about the extreme emotional abuse she and I endured from one of our parents.  Which we later learned was caused by that parent suffering from an un-diagnosed combination of disorders, including: (1) Secondary, or Pathological Narcissism, which is far more pervasive than Primary Narcissism; and (2) the genetic condition called Fragile X-Associated Tremor/Ataxia Syndrome (FXTAS).  Having FXTAS makes the person a carrier of a genetic disorder called Fragile-X Syndrome (FXS) which is an inherited cause of intellectual disability, usually in the form of autism.  And yes, two of our parent’s precious grandchildren now have that autism known as Fragile-X Syndrome (FXS).

But our families are dealing with life’s challenges quite well, because of the love and forgiveness we’ve learned from God.  We even gave credit to our one abusive parent for thoughtful things he had done when he was not being abusive.

With all these things in mind, let me tell you about this coincidence.

After my sister and I finished talking, I drove into town to pick up supplies for packing, moving, and cleaning. While in town, I decided to treat my sister to some really good carry out from a restaurant called Noodles and Company.  I called to let her know but found out she had already eaten.  So I went inside anyway and placed an order for myself.  When the cashier rang up my order with tax and everything included, the total was none other than, $11.12.

Seriously?!  “$11.12”?  The exact same numbers that have been appearing so many times in my life with relevance and timing that I’ve started tracking them.  And here they are again!

This crazy little coincidence happened on the very same day as:

  • I am with my one and only sister to thoughtfully and lovingly prepare our parents’ homes for sale.
  • The same sister with whom one of our parents always hoped we would have a closer relationship.  (not the parent with all the disorders mentioned above, but the other parent – who was also abused)
  • On the same day she tells me about one particular event of nature that causes her to feel connected with our mom in heaven, and that it has been happening ever since she arrived the day before.
  • On the same day I show my sister a recent article documenting evidence of an approval from heaven I received when adding a personal note to a quote I was transcribing from scripture.
  • On the same day that she and I talked about how evidence of two-way communications between heaven and earth is piling up so fast that I can hardly keep up with publishing it all on my website,
  • And, on the same day that I wanted to buy her a nice carry out dinner on my way home.

It is on this day, that I receive more evidence of heaven’s approval.  This time in the form of a receipt.  Using the very same numbers (1112) that have become well established by repeated coincidences with all of the relevance and timing that I have identified in previous coincidences.

Take a look for yourself.  These are actual photos taken with my smartphone while this coincidence was  happening.  The evidence is highlighted in red.

11.12 RedCircle Cashregister EmployeeNoodles 11-12 receipt v4

Pretty incredible, isn’t it?

Now let’s talk about you, because surely I am not the only person in the world this is happening to.

When it comes to you witnessing your own recurring coincidences:

  • They will likely involve content far different from mine.  For example, instead of the numbers 11 and 12 appearing (which happen to be my birthday, November 12th), your coincidences will include things that are specific to you. And it’s not limited to numbers.  Don’t worry, you’ll recognize them because they are specifically for you and God knows you very well.
  • The coincidences you see will be undeniably relevant to what you are doing when they occur.
  • They will happen with incredible timing.
  • They will happen on a recurring basis.
  • And they “will” get your attention.
  • But in order for your discovery to begin, you need to open your mind to the possibility that we here on earth don’t know everything about everything.
  • Start paying attention to things we don’t normally process, such as coincidences.  When you start doing this, you will start realizing a whole new way of communicating.

I invite you to start a journal of each coincidence you notice.  Make it a priority and write down the details while they are fresh in your mind:  what happened; what led up to it; and why it’s a coincidence.

With God as my witness, as your list grows, you will become absolutely amazed at what you discover!

I’d love to hear from you!


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