Room 12, Hospital Zone 11 – More Evidence for the 11:12 Series

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The information in this post becomes part of the evidence of two-way communications between heaven and earth by way of recurring coincidences.  The evidence in this particular coincidence fits into the 11-12 Series whose name is derived by the numbers 11 and 12 appearing with timing and relevance during each one of the numerous coincidences within the series.

Here is what happened:  I was scheduled for surgery on my knee at the local hospital that day, Tue 9/6/16.  On the way to the hospital, I said a prayer to Jesus Christ asking him, his father, and their holy spirit to be with me during this surgery.

Upon arriving at the hospital I was taken into a pre-surgery area that had many rooms and was located near the emergency entrance.  The room they took me to happened to be room number “12”.

This was good to see but I realized the number 11 had not appeared yet.  So this was not yet verifiable evidence of God responding to my prayer in the car earlier that morning.  Still, having learned from the past, I asked a nurse to take a picture of me with the room number showing just in case there was more to come.  Here is the actual picture taken by the nurse.  And yes, that is me in the bed hooked-up to an IV.


Two hours later when it came time for my surgery, I was taken from Room 12 and wheeled through some restricted areas to Surgical Zone “11”.  The particular room I was taken to in Zone 11 is Room 4.  The sign on the wall for Zone 11 was right next to the door for Room 4 and as I rolled up to that sign, I was wishing to God I had my cellphone camera so I could take a picture but of course I had nothing with me as I was being taken into surgery.

While still at the hospital after surgery and recovery, I asked to be taken back to Zone 11 to take a picture but medical staff would not allow me.  They said it is a restricted area and has to be kept sterile.

So my plans are to go back once I can walk again and meet with the hospital’s management to plead my case and try to get that picture of Zone 11.  In the meantime, the best I can do for the purpose of presenting this evidence for you to see, is to use an “example” that shows how hospital zones are laid out.  Like this one below – you can click on the picture to make it larger so you can read – HOWEVER:  If you do click on the picture – to return to this page and continue reading, close the picture by clicking the “back arrow” at the top left of screen – not the X at the top right of screen because that will close your browser all together.  Remember, “back arrow at top left.”


Of all the surgical zones in the hospital, my surgery was in zone “11” and of all the rooms in the pre-surgery area, I was taken room “12”.  Here is why the events in this coincidence are evidence of two-way communications between heaven and earth:

  • God is in heaven and I am on earth.  Other people are in heaven too but God is the one I prayed to that morning.
  • In my prayer while driving to the hospital, I asked God to be with me during the surgery.
  • During the surgery, God appeared to me in a timely and relevant way.  Note that:
    • For me, God’s signature are the numbers 11 and 12.  I’ll explain why later in this post.
    • For you, his signature will likely be something different.  More on that later too.
  • This is how God’s appearance was timely and relevant:
    • I had just prayed, asking God to be with me during surgery.
    • Upon arrival at the hospital, of all the rooms in pre-surgery, I was taken to room number 12.
    • Then for the surgery itself, of all the zones in a hospital, I was taken to zone 11.

The numbers 11 and 12 have become the sign God uses to communicate with me.  By incorporating these numbers yet again into something I had just talked with him about through prayer (surgery), God was letting me know (a) he received my prayer and (b) he was right there with me.

It is only after years of analyzing numerous coincidences that I have learned, for me, the appearance of “11” and “12” are a communication directly from God Almighty:  Father, Son, Holy Spirit.  Not just anytime and everytime the numbers 11 and 12 appear, but when they appear in a way that is timely and relevant to what I am doing at the time, such as in this case, immediately following a prayer before surgery asking God to be with me during the surgery.

The reason I emphasize for me is because for you God’s signature will likely be something different but something that both you and he know very well.  For example in my case 11/12 is my birthday (November 12).  In your case, maybe God will use your birthday or maybe he’ll use something else.  You have to pay attention to find out.  But one thing you can be absolutely sure of, is whatever God uses to get your attention, it will be easy for you to recognize.  This is because God knows you as well as, if not better than, you know yourself.  And it will be easy for you to recognize, unless you simply don’t care, don’t pay attention, or choose not to participate in two-way communications with him.

But if you do care, then you will start noticing recurring coincidences in your relationship with God.  If you track these coincidences like I do, you will begin to see patterns that become a dependable and meaningful language.  It’s like connecting the dots and finding a bigger picture.

I am here as a witness and I can truthfully tell you that you are perfectly capable of having two-way communications with God.  Not just one-way communications where you pray and never get a response.  But two-way, where you actually get responses from God.  Real responses, and are actually in a relationship with God Almighty through Jesus Christ and their Holy Spirit.

I am also here as a witness to tell you that to get a response and experience a relationship with God, you have to want it in your heart.  If you don’t, God will know it just as well as you know it.  But if you “do” want God in your life communicating with you, he will.  With God as my witness, he will.

Christianity is not only a religion, it is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and their Holy Spirit.

Thank you so much for being here and for spending time with the evidence I share.

The 11:12 Series is one of several series that are evolving out of the research I am doing on how coincidences are the language between heaven and earth.  Other series include the:  Bluebird Series and Multiple Witness Series.  Check them out right here on

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