Intuition, Have you ever known something without knowing how you knew it?

Intuition!  Hasn’t happened to me very much, but it certainly did on Friday August 19, 2016.  That morning, out of the blue, I felt a strong need to call a childhood friend from 40+ years ago.  As it turns out, on the very same morning his mom died.

Why did I have the uncharacteristic need to call on that particular morning?  I don’t know, but that’s the point of analyzing these crazy coincidences.  I think there actually is a reason and I want to understand it better.

Here is the short version of the story leading up to this intuition. We grew up together from 1st through 10th grades, the very best of friends.  In 10th grade, his family moved to another state and it was traumatic for both our families.  But life goes on, and we lost touch over the decades.

When one of us finally found the other decades later, it was like we had never been apart!  Since that day we’ve kept in touch at least twice a year, his birthday (April 23) and mine (November 12).

However on the morning of August 19, 2016, I felt a strong need to talk with him and decided I would call when I got in the car later that morning.  When I got in the car though, I found I no longer had his number.  Earlier in the year I upgraded my mobile phone and, in the process, lost a lot of numbers.  His included as it turned out.  So I had to figure another way to reach him.

Later that “very same day”, around 8:30 pm, I saw on my phone that “he had called me” and had left a message that said to “call him when I get this.”

Glad to have his number again, I returned the call immediately and he told me his “mom died” that morning.

After the initial shock, I told him how I had felt a strong need to call him that morning but couldn’t because I had lost his number.  Neither one of us were surprised and we both agreed it had to be something like “intuition.”

Neither my friend nor I know much about how intuition works but we’re both pretty sure that, in our case, it has a lot to do with our previous heartfelt assurance to each other that our friendship is “eternal.”

When the phone call ended, I began realizing some things.

This intuition contains 2 of the 3 common denominators that are present in all previously-studied recurring-coincidences.  Including (1) Relevance, and (2) Timing, with the one-missing-common-denominator being (3) Recurrence.
The reason Recurrence is missing is because this coincidence is the first Intuition I’ve studied, as of the date of this post.
The reason this intuition is Timely is because “somehow I knew to call him that particular morning.”
The reason it’s Relevant is because “it happened the same morning his mom died.”

As a result of this experience with intuition and it’s apparent ties to the eternal perspective, I want to learn more.

Plato said – “Intuition is a phenomenon by which one becomes conscious of pre-existing knowledge residing in the soul of eternity.”
Wikipedia says – “Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence, or conscious reasoning and without understanding how the knowledge was acquired.”
Albert Einstein said – “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Until I analyze at least one more intuition, this lone intuition will have to reside in the Multiple Witness Series, qualified to do so because of my friend and I both witnessing my intuition to call him the morning his mom died.  And that really is quite a coincidence, if you put yourself in my shoes.

However!  As soon as we have two or more intuitions to examine, I can definitely see adding a new series called the “Intuition Series.”

And we don’t have to wait for just-me to have an intuition, either.  If you or anyone you know has an intuition or any other strange coincidence, tell me, and I will run your story if you approve.  You can be anonymous or you can sign your evidence with your name, photo, & contact information.  It’s your call, and I am completely respectful about these kinds of things.

What’s important to us is that we get true, authentic, stories that we can all learn from.

If this newly documented coincidence turns into a series, that would give us four, to date.  The: 11:12 Series, Bluebird Series, and Multiple Witness Series, with the Intuition Series being the forth, if we add it.  The evidence is growing!

In the meantime, let me give you some of the backstory on the people involved in this particular intuition.

This is Sue, my childhood best-friend’s mom (1970’s).  Sue is truly one of the most awesome adults in my life when I was growing up.


This is my friend and I with both our sisters in the early 1970’s:  Left to Right: Sue’s son, with my sister, me (John); and Sue’s daughter, along with one of our beloved dogs (Reva).


And this is Sue with her husband Bob.  Growing up as a close friend of their family and a best friend of their son, I can tell you that this couple deserves a special award for being the kind of parents kids love and appreciate!  Thank you Bob and Sue and I pray that God is blessing you both with rich rewards in heaven.


Very truly, I love you guys. John