11/12: The Two Year Anniversary

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This website, ThereYouAreJesus.com, was born 2 years ago today, 11/12 (2014), at exactly 11:12 am, for the purpose of presenting evidence of two-way communications with our loved-ones in heaven.

The reason this exact day and time were important is because it gave me a way to respond “in-kind” to all of the coincidences I had been receiving where one of the layers in these multi-layered events is the appearance of the numbers 11 and 12.  Almost like a signature and with as much graceful timing as any conversation with a friend.

So responding in-kind by beginning publication of this evidence at exactly 11:12 (am) on 11/12 (2014) was my way of communicating that I understand the language of coincidence and am tuning-in to heaven’s way of communicating.

Since then, the number of coincidences I’ve witnessed involving the numbers 11 and 12 has soared. To the point that these coincidences are now expected. I do not feel they are “predictable” though, because I cannot say “when” they are going to happen. But when they do, they are remarkably graceful in their timing and relevance to what I happen to be doing at the time.

Examples of where these numbers appear include digital clocks, cash register receipts, cellphone text messages, computer generated file names, and on and on.  The number-sequence of 1112 has been a part of so many coincidences in my life that I publish a series about them online.  And now, here’s another one!

This picture was taken the day I spent working on the Facebook version for this website, ThereYouAreJesus.com.  I had made some progress, worked up an appetite, and went out to get dinner.  Check out the receipt.  The total came out to $11.12!


God was giving me a sign of approval for the work I had just done on his behalf.  When the waitress gave it to me, I just had to get a picture for this post.

It is only after years of analyzing numerous coincidences that I’ve learned the appearance of “11” and “12” are a communication directly from God Almighty: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Not just any time and every time these numbers appear, but when they appear either (a) as a surprise that is timely and relevant to what I am doing at the time, such as in the picture above, or (b) in direct response to a prayer, such as the day of my knee surgery 9/6/16. During the ride to the hospital, I prayed to God to be with me during the procedure. When I arrived at the hospital, I was taken to room 12 and zone 11. God’s way of letting me know (a) he received my prayer and (b) he was right there with me.

One of the keys for you to experience the same kind of two-way communications with heaven, be it with God or some other loved-one, is to start paying close attention to events that we’ve always written-off as “crazy coincidences.” Document what happened and why it was a coincidence.

When you find that they are happening on a recurring basis, you’ll wonder who is trying to communicate with you. One of the first things to ask yourself is, who was I thinking about or what was I doing when the coincidence occurred.

Evidence in your life will likely be different from mine because God makes his communications specific and relevant to each one of us individually. This is one of the ways he gets our attention. For example, the reason the number sequence 1112 is relevant to me is because 11/12 is my birthday.

I am a witness to these phenomena and I can truthfully tell you that “you” are every-bit as capable of this as I am.  Not just one-way communications where you pray and never get a response. But “two-way” communications, where you actually experience real responses to your prayers. Thereby developing a relationship with God and opening-up communications with dearly-departed loved-ones.

To get a response and experience a relationship with God, you have to want it in your heart. If you don’t, God will know it just as well as you. But if you “do” want God in your life communicating with you, he most certainly will.  The fact that I have seen enough of these 11:12 moments to begin documenting them and they continue to happen, with increasing frequency, is evidence of that!

If this reality connects with you, I would like for you contact me.

What we are talking about here, is evidence that life really does continue after death. When our human bodies die, our spiritual bodies remain conscious. Since they can no longer pick up the phone and call us, it’s up to “us” to recognize new ways of communication, if we want to experience two-way communications between heaven and earth.

This is an all-inclusive website and there are obviously many religions. I would like to know if and how people in other religions are experiencing similar things. I invite you to contact me.


All the best to you,


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