Two Days Later, Guess What Happens

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The evidence we published last month (February 2018), was titled Interpreting Divine Communications through Numbers, which features a sequence of coincidences involving the Bible verse “John 3:16.” In response to that evidence, I was contacted by a reader in Quezon City, Philippines who has been collecting her own evidence, for five years now, of two-way communications with her late-son.

We exchanged information with each other through the facebook page for this website, ThereYouAreJesus.

Here is a copy of those communications.

Joan Marie Villavicencio Faypon in the Philippines … Great story about John 3:16. The numbers 214 also is God’s way to let me know my late son is just around to see me through life’s struggles. God is good. in the USA … God sure is good, thanks Joan. Interesting how the numbers 214 are used by God to connect you with your late son. I believe God uses personalized ways to communicate with each one of us individually. How did the numbers 214 come to be the signature of your late son’s spiritual presence?

Joan Marie Villavicencio Faypon … He was born feb. 14 (2/14). He lost his life at the age of 29 due to a reckless driver 5 yrs ago. The sadness and grief is always there but from that time, the numbers just pop out anywhere from vehicles plate numbers or house numbers when I feel lonely. Even in tickets or money bills.

This is the second person I know of who has evidence of a person’s “date of birth” becoming a recurring signature in coincidental communications from heaven.
The other person is me. In my case I am not in heaven but Jesus is, and he uses my birth date in combination with relevance and timing to my day to day activities to get my attention. And he is successful. Once I began documenting as many of these coincidences as I can, the 11/12 Series began.

I suspect there are many more people around the world who are experiencing this kind of communication, too – and some, if not most, may not even realize it yet. Certainly a different form of communication from what we are used to but, at the same time, one that is perfectly understandable once you open your mind to a new way of communicating.

Joan Marie Villavicencio Faypon … My son’s face would even appear on butterfly wings which I have taken pictures of. I know God tells me to continue praying for my son and in return my son thanks and prays for us here still on earth. God willed to take him early.

THEREyouareJesus.comIs it possible for you to show me some of the pictures of evidence you’ve collected?

Joan Marie Villavicencio Faypon … These are some of the pictures of him contacting me: Two are of the number sign 214 I always see when I’m thinking about him.  This is what I’ve been seeing now for the 5 years since his death.  The third is a butterfly moth that stuck itself on our car when we were driving to his grave site. When I zoomed it at home, I saw my son’s face, neck, and shoulders on the wings.

Important – Remember the date she sent me her evidence, March 10, as circled in red.

Easy enough to see the numbers 214, but take a closer look at the butterfly moth by clicking on this next picture – it will open into a new tab with a red box highlighting her son’s image on the wings. … My God Joan, that really does look similar to a human’s upper body. Question for you – May I have permission to share your evidence on

Joan Marie Villavicencio Faypon … O yes sir. It is my way to show my son’s love and glorify God’s faithfulness. My son went through many struggles yet he was the helpful one to his friends and streetchildren. You could go over my facebook page. I posted a remembrance of my son’s 5th death anniv. last feb 20. … Beautiful, it will be my honor.

Now – Coming full circle to the importance of the date Joan sent her evidence, March 10.
Two days later, March 12, I contacted Joan with this update. … Joan!  As you know we just agreed this past Saturday, March 10 to feature your evidence on ThereYouAreJesus. It’s now two days later, Monday March 12, and I was thinking about your story while purchasing a cup of iced coffee (Cafe Con Leche, my fav). When placing the order I got a receipt, paid it, the cashier stamped it, and I got my coffee. When I glanced at the receipt, guess what I found to be my “Order Number.”

Here is the actual receipt – with Order Number and Date circled in red

The “Paid” stamp on the receipt partially covers the Date – so click on this next image for a closer look.

There I was, thinking about Joan’s story and the numbers 214 being her son’s signature from heaven – when out of the blue I am handed a piece of paper with the numbers 214 on it. Here is Joan’s response to this update.

Joan Marie Villavicencio FayponGood morning, sir. Tears are starting to well up. That is what I have been experiencing. … Tears of happiness, I am sure. I think your son has just contacted me. It appears to me your son is alive and well Joan. Although you can no longer see his human body, I believe you can be 100% confident that his spiritual body remains alive, coherent, and well-aware of what his family is up to here on earth. And, he obviously is able to communicate with us through coincidences.

Joan Marie Villavicencio Faypon … So many times when I am out to fetch my daughter, a red car would suddenly trail the jeepney I am riding in and when I look I see the plate number 214. It happened many times. It seems my son looks after my safety. And you are right, receipts also bear same numbers. At times, when our family dines out, we find that the table we sat is the number 14. I know that when I see hearts, it’s my son calling my attention. Rainbows also catch my attention when we visit him at his grave. I never forget to say a prayer of thanks to the Lord each day. … Our God is so great and all who believe in Jesus Christ will have eternal life to be with our loved ones.

Joan Marie Villavicencio Faypon … Thank you so much, sir. Maybe my son led me to you. God has been so good and always will be. I love reading everything that is God-inspired. My family is not perfect and we go through many trials yet we are able to survive. My second son opened my facebook page last nov 2017. I did not want to have one before but he insisted. Now I know why. Am grateful.

What is the likelihood that the same evidence of intelligent communication Joan receives on a recurring basis from her late-son Gerald, would also be received by me just two days after agreeing with Joan to share her story with you?  It is as if her son was letting me know he likes the idea, too.
Wow!  If you, or someone you know, have evidence like this and would like to honor a person you are communicating with, just let me know and we will discuss sharing your good news with all of humanity.
As Joan requested, I visited her facebook page and found this post honoring her son Gerald Ralvin Faypon.

Thank you Joan for sharing something so special with us, and I thank your son Gerald for contacting me using the same signature he uses with you. I also thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is my friend and partner in, Amen.

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Thanks, and all my best wishes!

John Levay,