Bluebird Series Confirms Two-Way Communications with Heaven

In February of 2014, five months after witnessing the event that this website is named for, someone very near and dear to me was admitted into Hospice Care and died one month later on March 1st 2014. That one month in Hospice gave us time to talk about the possibility of life after earth and we made plans for trying to communicate with each other after she gets to heaven.

Those plans included one specific example that would serve as confirmation that we are indeed communicating with each other when she gets to heaven.  That one specific example involved her favorite bird, the Eastern Bluebird, to appear and look directly at me when I am doing something specifically for her, such as talking to her through prayer or at some kind of event memorializing her.

Those plans and that one specific example have now materialized numerous times since her death starting with the day of her funeral March 8th 2014, mere moments before my family followed her casket into the church for her service.  We all witnessed it.  Then again on her birthday April 13th, Mother’s Day, the day I arrived to receive her car keys that she had willed to me, and the list goes on!

The picture you see here is of one of the actual Eastern Bluebirds that landed near me and looked at me long enough for me to get my camera out and take a picture.  This happened as I arrived and was parking my car to receive the car keys she had willed to me.  This coincidence almost qualifies for the category of Irrefutable Evidence, rather than circumstantial evidence, because the combination of events in this coincidence are so perfectly-matched with what we had agreed-on, before she died, that would serve as confirmation that we are indeed in two-way communications with each other between heaven and earth.


Of all the birds in this world that could have landed by me when I go to pick up something that she willed to me, the fact that it is the exact same genus and species of bird that we had agreed-on before she died, doing the exact same thing that we had agreed-on to serve as confirmation that we are in communication between heaven and earth, and at the exact same time as when we are doing something that directly involves her – such as changing ownership of her car keys – is truly convincing evidence to me.

In addition to the Bluebird confirmations we had planned, she has apparently learned more ways to communicate with us since being born into heaven, including through “other people.”  The inclusion of a third party is a big help for me because now I have corroborating eyewitnesses – at least for some of the evidence.  I already have several eyewitness accounts coming from other people which you will be able to read about in the upcoming “Corroborating Witness Series”.

In addition to the recurring coincidences that I am witnessing, I am looking for “other people” anywhere in the world  who are noticing a recurring coincidence.  If you or anyone you know, are – please contact me through the Contact page of this website (see menu above)I look forward to helping analyze the coincidences that others are noticing and I am excited about what we can learn as a collective body from around the world.

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