“Sending” a Message using Heaven’s Language of Coincidence

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Our faith in Jesus Christ should not require evidence. But believe me when I tell you, our faith becomes a “whole lot stronger” when we have evidence. Here’s the point – It’s okay to “want” evidence.  God is “giving” us evidence, and needs “us” to ”recognize” it. The purpose of http://www.ThereYouAreJesus.com is to “show you” how to “find” the evidence that is already present in your life.

It is only after analyzing numerous coincidences following the irrefutable vision on 9/29/2013 that I have learned the appearance of the number sequence “1112” is a communication directly from God Almighty: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Not just any time and every time 1112 appears, but when I am doing something for God (1112) or for one other loved one in heaven who has identified herself to me as “0112.” Notice how similar her signature “0112” is to God’s signature “1112.” Hers (112) is actually a part of God’s signature in his relationship with me (1112).

This makes perfect sense, too, because of how angelic she was while alive here on earth. I am as certain as any human can be that she has been welcomed into God’s very being so far as his relationship with me. So far as with you, God’s signature will almost certainly be something altogether different. We will discuss that, and I will help you.

I know how out-of-this-world-crazy this sounds.  Believe me, I do.  But remember what we are talking about here. Communicating with people whose human bodies have died yet whose spiritual bodies remain alive and conscious. I wouldn’t be going through all of this if it wasn’t truly happening.

One of the first questions might be “how has she identified herself as 0112.” The answer is two-part.  First, by way of a randomly generated computer file name “HPIM0112” that I found on a video I had recorded of her in 2007. The point being that the file name, HPIM0112, includes IM0112 which when spoken sounds like “I am 0112.” Second, by the number sequence “112” repeatedly-appearing at exactly the same time I am doing something specifically for her. Such as tending to her grave site, her properties, talking about her, and praying to her.

“Numbers” are one of the most common components used in two-way communications between heaven and earth. “Nature” is another, at least for me. Yours might be different from mine because God gives us evidence in ways that are recognizable to each one of us individually. For example, the reason God uses the number sequence 1112 for me is because 11/12 is my birthday. God is not limited to just using birthdays though. It could be anything that is relevant to you, personally.

Here is a piece of evidence where I send a message to someone specific who now lives in heaven. I did this by creating a coincidence using relevance and timing combined with her known signature component, which is the number sequence “0112” also appearing as “112.”

Relevant, because this involves an item that is precious to her (photograph with her father).  Timing, because this was on her birthday, and Signature, because I included her numbers “112” by way of the time of day at which I published her photograph (1:12 pm).  Recurrence, that’s up to me and how many times I can create a similar message for her.  But these two way messages have been recurring long enough now that the connection is already established.

Here is how I sent the message directly to her in heaven. The picture below is one she cherished and spent decades wishing she could find. I found it, while going through her estate after she died.  I wanted to do something special with it as a way of celebrating with her for having found it.  So I did four things:  (1) posted the long lost photo of her and her dad on my Facebook page, seen directly below, (2) made the picture the background photo for my personal computer’s home page, (3) on her birthday April 13, 1924, and (4) at exactly 1:12 (pm) as you can see highlighted with a red circle in the second picture directly below to the right.  The reason for including 112 as a component in this multi-component coincidence I created is because 112 is her signature (like a “mailing address”) that she has established with me from heaven.


And while I am at it, here is a picture of the “file name” that my computer randomly-generated for her video when I downloaded it from camera to computer.

So, what exactly are “two-way communications with heaven?”

Let me start with one-way communications. One-way would be “when you pray and nothing happens in response” or “when you receive a prayer in the form of a coincidence and do nothing in return.” Those are one-way communications.

Two-way communications are when you “receive” an actual response to a prayer or action you have taken … or when you “respond” to a prayer you have received, most-commonly arriving in the form of a coincidence.

One of the ways you can respond to a coincidence you see is “in-kind,” and “intentional coincidence.” Meaning you include the same “signature components” that messages include. For example:

  • I’ve been compiling evidence of recurring coincidences ever since the irrefutable vision I witnessed on September 29, 2013. Even though I began documenting that day (9/29/2013), I did not publish what I documented until 11/12/2014 at 11:12 am. The reason this exact day and time are important is because it gave me a way to respond “in-kind” to all of the coincidences I see where the numbers 11 and 12 appear at some point during the coincidence (known as the 11:12 series). So responding in-kind by beginning publication of this website at exactly 11:12 (am) on 11/12 (2014) was my way of demonstrating that I am beginning to understand this language of coincidence and am tuning-in to heaven’s way of communicating. Since responding in-kind by publishing this website on 11/12 at 11:12, the number of coincidences I see involving the numbers 11 and 12 continues to increase.  It’s amazing.
  • Also, the way in which I celebrated finding her long-lost photo with her.  (1) posting to my Facebook page, (2) making it the background photo for my personal computer’s home page, (3) doing so on her birthday, and (4) doing so at exactly 1:12 (pm) which thereby incorporates her “signature” (like a “mailing address”) that she has established with me from heaven.

Coincidences are not predictable though. I cannot say when they are going to happen. But when they do, it is with precision in both their timing and relevance to what I am doing when they occur. It is what I am doing, combined with who I am doing it for, matched with the recurring-coincidence’s signature component, that give clues as to who is communicating with us. The same signature components that identify who sent a coincidence to you, needs to be included in any coincidence you send to them, in order to reach the right person in heaven. Like calling the right cellphone in a crowded room.

You will find a wide variety of communications documented on this site. This particular post is about a communication sent by way of creating a coincidence with the right components in order to reach the right person in heaven.

Think about the signature components that you notice appearing during a coincidence, such as numbers or nature, and compare them to people you know who now live in heaven. Were any of these components known to be associated-with or favorites-of any of these people? Consider birth dates, social security number, address, favorite pets, and more. The possibilities are practically endless.

If you are able to identify a suspect using the components and circumstances involved … and, those components continue to appear when the same circumstances exist, then you will begin realizing the thrill of two-way communications with loved ones in heaven.

Any one coincidence by itself proves nothing. But when the coincidence happens repeatedly with timing and relevance to what you are doing, they begin to form a type of communication, by way of “repetition”, known legally as a “preponderance of circumstantial evidence, proving beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Communicating with people who have died is real. After everything I have witnessed, there is no doubt in my mind. Although physical bodies on earth die, their spiritual bodies remain alive and conscious. Since they can no longer communicate with us by phone or email, they find other ways that we on earth are not familiar with. Such as “piggy-backing” their message on top of things that we “are” familiar. Such as time, dates, cash register receipts, computer generated file names, phone, texts, email, and so on. Identifiable because of their timing, relevance, and recurrence. They need us here on earth to notice these coincidences in order to establish and enjoy two-way communications.

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal” (2 Corinthians 4:18).

I think it is important for you to understand that, when I say “the numbers 11 and 12 come directly from Jesus,” I am referring me-personally. For you-personally, Jesus will communicate with you in ways that are specifically relevant to you. For example, 11/12 (November 12) is my birthday. For you however, God will choose anything he feels will likely get your attention. He’s good at it. But in order for you to experience these communications, you first have to want them in your heart.

Talk to Jesus in your thoughts (prayer) and mean what you say. If you don’t, he will know just as well as you do. But if you do mean what you say to him, he will respond to you. It may take some time, but he definitely will. Most likely through circumstantial coincidences. But be assured he is perfectly capable of irrefutable contact with you as well. How do I know? It’s all right here in the very first evidence posted on this site.

Now that I have found we all have this ability, it fascinates me to wonder what other people around the world are witnessing. Join me in this thrilling interaction with God. Learn-from, contribute-to, and enjoy our growing compilation of evidence.

I am a witness to these phenomena and I can tell you that you are every-bit as capable of this as I am. Not just one-way communications where you pray and never get a response. But “two-way” communications, where you actually experience real responses to your prayers and actions. Thereby developing a relationship with God and opening-up communications with dearly-departed loved-ones.

If this evidence connects with you, I ask you to contact me.

You can do so privately using the first form directly below. Or publicly by commenting on this post using the second form farther down.

Thank you and please remember that “all people, of all religions, in all countries” are welcome to participate in the discovery here on ThereYouAreJesus.com.I pray for God to bless you, personally.  Amen.

John Levay, Founder of http://www.ThereYouAreJesus.com