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Even with all the many diverse religions around the world, there is one thing we all have in common. Every single one of us have loved-ones who have died, with-whom we would love to see proof of their eternal life and consciousness.  On this website, ThereYouAreJesus.com, I provide you with evidence of how others have developed two-way communications with their loved-ones in heaven.  Thereby showing you how to recognize the patterns and logic that exist in the timing and relevance of recurring-coincidences you see happening in your life.  Enabling you to identify and understand messages conveyed by those coincidences from your own loved-ones in heaven.

Acquiring this knowledge has been a two-step process for me, so far.  The first step happened all in one day and the second step has been happening ever since.  The first step was 100% irrefutable evidence and the second step has all been 100% circumstantial evidence.  It is the irrefutable evidence God showed me in the first step that gives me absolute certainty that Jesus Christ is truly-real.  This, followed by the death of a loved-one five months later with our plans for communicating after she gets to heaven now “happening” on a recurring basis, gives me all the reason and assurance I need to pursue discovery that “coincidences” are intentional-communications from our loved-ones in heaven.

The first step was a motion-picture-like-sequence of colors and light that interrupted a prayer I was saying on Sunday, September 29, 2013.  While praying to Jesus Christ with my eyes closed, an actual “vision” appeared.  I mean this in the most literal sense.  An actual “vision” appeared before my closed-eyes during a prayer.

Seeing this vision was like seeing a short silent movie, about :30-seconds in length, that changed from one-dimensional black and white into three-dimensional colors and light with Jesus Christ himself appearing at the conclusion in the form of a black silhouette above all the spectacular motion of colors and light below him.

Watching this vision was truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.  And I looked at it for as long as I kept my eyes closed.  Which unfortunately wasn’t very long.  When the routine pause that follows Holy Communion ended, I opened my eyes ever-so-briefly and then closed them again for fear of losing the vision.  But it was too late, the vision had disappeared when I opened my eyes.

So, trying to fully understand what I saw, I’ve been writing about it ever since.  Partly to remember every detail of the vision and partly to share this incredibly good news with you and with as many people as I can.  I believe this must surely be God’s request of me.

Analyzing this situation:  my eyes were closed when I watched this vision happen but I was not dreaming.  I was in church on a Sunday morning, praying, when God responded to that prayer right then and there during that prayer by appearing in the form of colors streaming upwards through white misty light to a black silhouette of Jesus Christ.

It is important for you to understand, I “did not” see Jesus in the “flesh.”  The way he appeared was as a black silhouette,” which is only the “outline” of his body, which was all in black in front of a light blue background.  No flesh, no facial features, only the outline of his body, with everything inside his outline completely in black.  But it was unmistakably him.  Even the outline of his body is recognizable, especially with his long hair.  And, who else could appear before your closed-eyes with an orchestration of colors and light, while you pray in church?

I want to keep the content of the prayer in which this vision happened private, but I also want you to understand that it was unlike any prayer I have ever said before.  I was in a desperate situation, asking for help and offering myself to Jesus when this vision happened.  In retrospect, the vision seems to have been God’s way of acknowledging, accepting, and celebrating the sincerity of my commitment.  And from “that,” this website was born – ThereYouAreJesus.com.

I fully understand why you would be skeptical about this vision, because it is such a rare spiritual gift.  But it is the truth and I ask you to imagine how you would feel, and what “you” would do, if it happened to you.  Details are in the post titled “THERE you are! (How this website got its name).”

The second step is an ongoing compilation of evidence of two-way communications with loved-ones in heaven.

It feels like I am discovering a new way to communicate.  As human beings, we have five senses: vision, hearing, smell, touch, and taste, but none of them are of much use when it comes to sensing that which cannot be seen, heard, smelled, touched, or tasted, such as spiritual beings who remain conscious after their human bodies die.  Important for you to understand, regarding “vision being one of our five senses,” although I saw Jesus in a vision, my eyes were closed.  Much different from the way our vision normally works.

I had not read the Bible before seeing this vision but have begun looking for relevant passages and one passage I found says:  “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal,” 2 Corinthians 4:18.

I imagine you would agree that our faith in the unseen would be stronger if we had evidence.  Well the more I document, analyze, and compare coincidences I see, the more I realize that God is giving us evidence but he needs us to recognize his evidence and not blow it off as another crazy coincidence.

For us here on earth this means learning new ways of communicating, and recurring coincidences are proving to be a viable language for two-way communications between heaven and earth.

Let me give you some examples of one-way and two-way communications with heaven.

One-way communication would be “when you pray and nothing happens in response” or “when you receive a message in the form of a coincidence and do nothing in return.”  Those are one-way communications.

Here is an example of a two-way communication:  I’ve been compiling evidence of recurring coincidences ever since the irrefutable vision I witnessed on September 29, 2013.  Even though I began documenting on 9/29/2013, I did not publish what I documented until 11/12/2014 at 11:12 am. The reason this exact day and time are important is because it gave me a way to respond “in-kind” to all of the coincidences I see where the numbers 11 and 12 appear at some point during the coincidence (known as the 11:12 series).  So responding in-kind by beginning publication of this website at exactly 11:12 (am) on 11/12 (2014) was my way of demonstrating that I am beginning to understand this language of coincidence and am tuning-in to heaven’s way of communicating. Since responding in-kind by publishing this website on 11/12 at 11:12, the number of coincidences I see involving the numbers 11 and 12 continues to increase.  Just look at the amount of evidence accumulating in the category titled “Evidence with Numbers” (found on the Home page).  It has reached a point that I am no longer surprised when I see coincidences happen in a way that conveys an understandable message.  Thrilled, yes, but no longer surprised.

Coincidences are not predictable though.  I can not say when they are going to happen.  But when they do, they happen with precision in both their timing and relevance to what I am doing when they occur.  It is what I am doing, combined with who I am doing it for, and matched with signature components of the recurring coincidence, that give clues as to who is communicating with us.

I want to show you a variety of circumstances where two-way communications have happened. The following posts all contain unique ways in which God responds and interacts with me.  The links will open in a new tab by clicking on them.

Now that I have found this ability, it fascinates me to wonder what other people around the world are witnessing.  I ask you to join me in this thrilling interaction with God.  You can learn-from and contribute-to our growing compilation of evidence.

Please know you can contact me privately using this form directly below.  Or you can comment publicly on this post using the second form farther down.

Thank you and remember that “all people, of all religions, in all countries” are welcome, appreciated, and encouraged to participate in the discovery here on ThereYouAreJesus.com.


John Levay


PO Box 123, Saint Mary’s City, Maryland 20686, USA


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