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Wednesday November 11, 2015 (11/11/15), I thought of someone who had told me about how she has noticed the numbers “1111” frequently appearing in her daily life. She told me this after hearing how the numbers “1112” are frequently appearing in my life.  So on the morning of 11/11/15, I remembered what she had told me and used my iPhone to send her a quick little email wishing her a “Happy 1111 Day”.  And that was it.

But here’s the rest of the story. Later that morning I checked to see if she had replied yet and low and behold, what did I see on my phone as I picked it up to check for new email, the “time” was 11:11 am. Of all the times it could have been, it was the very numbers that keep appearing in “her” life and are suspected of being some sort of messages from heaven. So I took a picture (shown below “11:11”).

Then, as soon as I took the picture, the time changed to 11:12, which are the numbers that keep appearing in “my” life. Not that it’s unusual for time to change from 11:11 to 11:12, but it’s the grace and timing of the time-change after taking the photograph that stands out. There are 60 seconds in each minute yet as soon as I took the picture, the time gracefully changed, as if on cue.  Point being, it didn’t change “while” I was setting up to take the picture and it “didn’t wait” anywhere up to 60 seconds after taking the picture.  The timing of the time-change was impeccable.  Graceful timing is one of the components to look for when noticing a coincidence.

Another important component is relevance with what you happen to be doing when the coincidence occurs.

So far in this one coincidence we have these components:  (1) both numbers appearing, hers and mine; (2) combined with graceful timing as I was taking pictures to document the coincidence; and (3) combined with the relevance of the coincidence to what I was doing when it happened, which was checking for a response from someone whom I had wished a happy “1111” day earlier that same morning.

When you add repetition to these relevant and graceful coincidences, that’s when you start to see what I call circumstantial evidence.

It takes a “preponderance” of circumstantial evidence to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” in a court of law here in the USA.  I use this analogy because a preponderance of evidence is exactly what we are compiling here on this website.

These are the actual photographs taken during this coincidence.

IMG_9296 (2)        IMG_9297 (2)

In addition, notice the % of battery (highlighted in red) when this coincidence happens.

IMG_9296-2-100-298x300 Red2

84% of the phone’s battery remained.  Significant?  Is it just a coincidence that the numbers in 84 ( 8 + 4 ) happen to add up to 12?  The number of possibilities that it “could” have been range from 0% to 100%.  How many numbers between 0 and 100, when added together, equal “12”?  Especially when analyzing a coincidence “involving” the number 12.  It seems to me that this is yet another layer of the coincidence.

These are examples of things  you can look for to start identifying coincidences in your life.  And keep in mind that coincidences are not limited to just numbers.  They can occur in almost every aspect of our lives.  You just have to recognize them when they happen.  Start making notes when you witness a “crazy coincidence”.  Then, when you find that they are happening on a recurring basis, we can begin to figure out their meaning.  That’s one of the goals of collecting evidence on this website, ThereYouAreJesus.com

For me, the 11:12 series is about getting a thumbs-up from heaven.  Your numbers may be completely different from mine.  Your numbers will likely be ones that are significant in your life, such as birthdays and phone numbers.  This website is about helping you understand what to look for to identify two-way communications between heaven and earth: (1) Graceful timing, (2) Relevance, and (3) Repetition.

Let me clarify something while I’m at it, to make sure you understand what I mean when I say “between heaven and earth”.

  • By “heaven”, I am referring to “anyone who is in heaven” such as God or one of  your loved ones who has died.
  • By “earth” I am referring to you.

One of the questions people have is “How do I know who is communicating with me?”  There is more than one answer to this.

If you did not plan in advance of them dying, you can still find clues within the coincidences which become more evident as they recur.

However the best way to know exactly who it is, is to make plans in advance.  Talk about these things with your loved ones before one of you goes to heaven.  Have a different plan for each of your loved ones.  You’ll be glad you did.  I am!  And if you’re like me, you’ll find that your loved ones figure out more ways of communicating with you once they arrive in heaven.  That’s what some of my posts on this website are about.

The Bluebird Series is what we planned on before she died.  The Corroborating Witness Series is something she came up with all on her own, since arriving in heaven.  And the 11:12 Series is about my communications with God.  But within the 11:12 Series are some “112” stories, which are “her”.  One reason I know is because she gave me a clue.  The clue she gave me is a randomly generated computer file name for a video I had recorded of her. When I downloaded this video from camera to computer, the name the computer gave her video is “IM0112”.  That, in itself, proves nothing.  But when multiple coincidences that seem like they are from her, all contain the numbers “112”, that’s when it makes me stop and think.  When components of coincidence are consistent and the coincidence recurs to a point that a pattern becomes evident, that’s when it becomes circumstantial evidence.

The more evidence we analyze, the more certain we can be.  I have added a page on this website for you to share your own experiences. This page is called “Tell Your Story“.  Look for it at the top of each page, on the horizontal navigation bar.

Thanks for reading!


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