Something made me turn around

Let me tell you about Trina.

I was on my way to the radio station, but had extra time and I was hungry, so I decided to go to Chick-fil-A for dinner. I was driving past and saw this homeless woman sitting on the curb, the look on her face was of straight anger and discontent, staring at the ground.

I was like, aw man, that sucks.

But I went on, pulled up to Chick-fil-A and ordered. I got a whole meal, but I only spent $1.75 because I had a coupon for a sandwich.

I was like SWEET!  The server asked what type of sauce I wanted and I said Chick-fil-A, but they were out and I was really bummed (if you know Chick-fil-A sauce…you know).

So I get back in my car and am driving off, and I see the homeless woman, in the same spot, same position, and same exact look on her face. I just thought to myself, God that sucks SO much, like I would hate that!

I passed by and kept going.

But something made me turn around. I hit a U-ee faster than ever in that parking lot and walked back into Chick-fil-A to buy her a meal. Why? Because you and I, we have the luxury of having a hot meal every night.

I order, and looking through my wallet I find ANOTHER coupon card for a sandwich, which ended up covering her entire meal.

I go back and park near her.

I get out and walk over to her, sitting on the curb, same disgruntled, upset face, almost angry at the world. I said hey! What’s up!

And she looks up at me and said hey? She looks down at my hands and said OH MY GOD. Thank you so much!

She gets the BIGGEST smile on her face, and I hand the food to her.

I gave her a hug, and I just sat down on the curb next to her to talk to her. She left her abusive husband 6 months ago, and has been staying in a place that she said costs $15 a night. She kept going and said, “I’ve gotta save money for the rent, and that means I can’t eat this month.” THIS MONTH.

She kept going as she was holding her cross necklace in her hand, “I really don’t feel like sleeping in the woods again tonight, but I was so hungry thank you GOD!”

I told her, “God is good, just don’t forget that.”

I gave her 2 hugs and we parted ways.

But when I got back in my car I looked back over, she was holding that same cross necklace in her hands, pointing to the sky, and praying so hard she was squinting her eyes. I can’t even tell you how happy this made me.

The SIMPLE act of giving someone a hot meal and a hug can have SUCH and impact on their life.

I’m telling you, it made my day, and I know it made Trina’s even more.

Giving is more than receiving, and He will provide plenty.

Please just be kind, and more importantly spread some love!

Thanks, Michael, in a selfie with Trina


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