Can you imagine how I felt at that moment?

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It was Mother’s Day 2014.  I arrived late for the 9:30 am service at LPUMC (Lexington Park United Methodist Church).  The Praise Band was playing live as they always do to start the service. People were standing and singing, the room was full.  I was looking for my son’s mom, Donna, and spotted her in a row near the front, one seat in from the isle, with a seat open on each side of her.  The rest of that row was filled with people as were most of the rows that morning.  So I went over to sit beside Donna and she said she’s saving the isle seat for Michael, our son, who was playing drums in the band that morning. Whenever he’s playing in the band, I try to attend the service.  Otherwise I would normally be at my regular church, Trinity Episcopal.

I asked Donna about the seat on the other side of her and she said it’s open as far as she knows.  Her significant other, Doug, aka my son’s stepdad, was not in attendance that morning.  So I scooted past her and asked the lady sitting in the seat on the other side of the open seat if I could sit there and she said yes.  I introduced myself, she was kind, said her name is Sandra, shook my hand, and the service continued as usual.

After the band played, my son came and sat by us during the service and about an hour later, went back on stage with the rest of the band to close the service with another song or two.  Everybody stands again, sings, and enjoys the live music.

When the bands finishes, the service is over.  Donna and I were getting ready to go find our son Michael and head out.  Pausing, I decided to say goodbye to the lady I sat next to, Sandra.

To my surprise, Sandra said “I know your parents.  My family lived near your mom’s family when we were growing up.”  I said “Did you!”  She said “Yes, and I had a dream about your mom last night”.

I said, you had a dream about my mom?

She said “Yes, she came to me in a dream and said everything is alright and she is fine.”

I was awestruck!  It was surreal!  It was as if “I” was the one who was dreaming – yet there she was, standing right in front of me – someone I had never met before, telling me that my mom (now in heaven)  came to her in a dream the night before and communicated with her.

This lady, Sandra, had no idea she would be sitting beside me the next morning in church.  I had no idea either.  Sandra and I had never met before.  Yet this was happening – on Mother’s Day, no less!

Dumbfounded, all I could say was, “You had a dream about my mom last night?”

Sandra again said “Yes, and she wants you to know she is right where she needs to be.”

Can you imagine how I felt at that moment?

When you consider:

  • Sandra is talking about my mom, and this was on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 11, 2014 – the “1st” Mother’s Day since my mom died and was born into heaven, on March 1, 2014.
  • This lady, Sandra, who dreamed about my mom the night before, had never met me.
  • It was by pure chance that I sat next to Sandra that morning in church.
  • It’s not even the church I normally go to.  I was only there because my son was playing in the band.
  • And – during the month before my mom died – while she was in Hospice care – she and I agreed to try and figure out how to communicate with each other when she gets to heaven.  We even came up with one specific example that would “confirm” that we are in two-way communications with each other between heaven and earth (now known as the Bluebird Series).  But “this” was not what mom and I had discussed.  “This” – a 3rd party (Sandra) – mom came up with all on her own.

I told Sandra “You have got to tell my family about this. They will never believe me.”  And she said okay.

So we waited about a month for the next time my sister, Ann, came in town from Kentucky to visit my dad, Hank.  I invited Sandra over to meet them and she told them the whole story.

It was an incredible experience for all of us.  Especially for me, because now I have someone “else” to help me tell what I am experiencing.  When you do what I’m doing – which is sharing eyewitness accounts of miracles – and you’re the only one who witnesses them – it can be challenging getting people to believe you.  But when you have a “corroborating witness” who is “part of” the experience – it becomes easier for people to start believing you.

By the way, if you would like to personally contact Sandy to verify what I am telling you, I will give her your contact info and ask her to contact you.  All you need to do is let me know.  You can comment right here on this post – or, if you would like more privacy, you can email me –

And if “you” have a story that “you” would like to share, let me know and we will share it with the world.  You can remain anonymous.  All we want is the truth.  The God’s honest truth.

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