That’s when Jesus showed me the sign

Pastor Phillip Spence, whom I had met during some of my dearly-departed’s hospital stays, was being honored with the title of Bishop during a Consecration service on July 20, 2014.  I wanted to attend this event to show support for Pastor Spence – because he had been so good to our family during various stays in the hospital – but I had never been to his church before.  I questioned whether I should be going because I would be missing my regular church service at 10:30 am to attend Pastor Spence’s Consecration service at 11:00 am.  I felt I was doing the right thing but wanted to be sure, so I prayed to Jesus for a clear sign.

Upon arriving at Pastor Spence’s church, I went inside the crowded building and found a seat. That’s when Jesus showed me the sign I had prayed for.  Reading through the program, I saw that the Pastor of my regular church – that I was missing – Father John Ball, was giving the Invocation right there at Pastor Spence’s Consecration-to-Bishop service.  Of all the churches and all the clergy in the state of Maryland – the fact that it was the very Pastor of the very church that I had prayed to Jesus for, asking for a clear sign of approval for missing … it was “that” Pastor – who was attending the very same service as I, in support of the very same event as I.

What can be more clear of a sign than that?

This is an example of what I mean when I say “we” have to “recognize” the evidence of two-way communications between us and our very real and living God, Jesus Christ – and we have to recognize it “when we receive it” – for it to be two-way communications between heaven and earth – and “not write it off as another crazy coincidence”.

Realizing what had just happened, I smiled and said to the Lord with my inner-thoughts “Thank you for giving me the clear sign I asked for.  Now I truly am 100% sure that I am right where you want me to be”.

Congratulations to my friend who has earned a promotion from Pastor – to Bishop – Mr. Phillip Spence.

Bishop Phillip Spence

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