Birthdays on the 11th & 12th

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Tuesday August 4, 2015, I witnessed a great 11:12 coincidence – and… had someone with me who also witnessed it. To briefly set the stage for you, I work for a non-profit organization that serves the needs of people with developmental disabilities (clients) and one of our clients let me know he would like to replace his current job with one he would consider more of a career. He asked if I would meet with him at his house the following day and I agreed.

This man has significant physical disabilities and a very sharp mind. He has dreams and aspirations just like anyone else. His home is about an hour from my office and while driving, I thought about the difference between my previous employment compared to this employment. In my last job I sold advertising whereas in this job I help people. Two very different work cultures because it occurred to me that taking time to help someone when I was in sales was frowned upon because my success was based solely on how many sales I made, not how many people I helped. Whereas with my current employer, my success is based on helping people who are in need and I really like the feeling it gives me to have this kind of job.

It occurred to me that if Jesus had to choose between these two different work cultures, he too would choose the one that helps people who are in need.

When I arrived at our client’s house, he took me into his family’s home-office and turned on the computer to bring up his resume and while standing there, I noticed a floor mat with the astrological sign for Scorpio on it.

Scorpio Floor Mat

I asked, are you a Scorpio? He said no, his mom is. I said so am I. He said her birthday is the 11th. I said mine is the 12th – and as I said it, I realized the numbers 11 and 12 had once again found their way into something I was doing that surely heaven approves of. And there you have it, another 11/12 coincidence to be included into our evidence.

This is what I mean when saying the 11:12 Series is a compilation of true stories about coincidences that are all like “getting a thumbs-up from heaven”.

Each coincidence in the 11:12 Series thus far, contains a combination of unrelated components that come together in a graceful fashion with the numbers 11 and 12 somehow finding a way to appear in each of them.  Be it through the time on a digital clock, the amount on a receipt, the date, or as is the case in this evidence – the birthdays of two different parties who corroborate the same evidence.

I’m glad that someone was there with me to witness this one – and when we finished our business meeting, I asked if I can show him something, my website –  He said okay, and I read to him the page that describes what the 11:12 Series is all about. Then I reminded him of the Scorpio floor mat in his home office and how his mom’s birthday is November 11 and mine is November 12 … you should have seen his reaction!

This was a real “Oh My God” moment for him – as it always is for me – and I loved sharing this experience with him.

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