11:12 Series – I M 0 1 1 2

It was the day before the one year anniversary of her death. I had gone to the bank, then the grocery store, and as I returned home and my car rolled to a stop, I felt a warm feeling of awareness come over me about tomorrow being the first year anniversary of her birth into heaven.  Completely consumed by this feeling.

As I sat there in that moment, I happened to glance at the clock and it was “1:11”.  I thought about the coincidence of the numbers “1:11” being so similar to “11:12” which are the numbers I typically find appearing during the coincidences. But this time it was 1:11 changing to 1:12.

Here is what I find notable about this particular coincidence.  It contains the graceful combination of several unrelated factors, such as:

  • The warm feeling of awareness, which is more intense than the normal feeling we get when we think of someone.
  • Combined with it being the day before her 1st year anniversary of being in heaven.
  • Combined with the time on the clock (1:11 changing to 1:12) being ever-so-similar to 11:12.
  • And, best of all – combined with the fact that a “computer generated file name” for a video I had recorded of her in 2007 just happens to be “HPIM0112” – which as you can see, contains the sequence “ I M 0 1 1 2 “.  This is coincidental because the numbers “112” are now also appearing in some of the recurring coincidences I am documenting about suspected communications from her in heaven.

One can interpret the coincidence of this file name as God’s way for her to let us know … I “am” 0112 … meaning when we see the numbers 112 appear during a coincidence, it is her communicating with us. Which makes me wonder, if she is “112” who then is “1112”?

I’m sure we’ll learn more as this research progresses.  For now though, let me show you a screen shot of the actual video “file name” (HPIM0112) that was randomly generated by computer when downloading the video from my cellphone to the computer.  I had no control whatsoever over what file names would be assigned to the files during that download process.

Video HPIM0112

And here is a link to the actual original video she made:

HPIM0112 mom’s video 2007

FYI – the content of this video has “absolutely nothing” to do with the evidence that I am documenting on this website.  The only reason I am showing you this video is so you can see who the person is that is now communicating with us from heaven, exactly as we had agreed to do before she died.


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