9/29/2019, Sixth Anniversary, New Options Added

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Welcome back to ThereYouAreJesus. Let’s begin with a quick look at some comments from readers in response to our most recent post dated 8/31/19 which featured (1) an eye witness of “vibrant colors with Jesus standing there,” and (2) communications with a reader in Africa who was born Muslim and is now Christian. Here is a link to the 8/31 post in case you would like to have it open in a new tab for later.

THEREyouareJesus.com You are very much welcome my friend, رج حسن ملزوم
فرج حسن ملزوم THEREyouareJesus.com i wish to you long life and good healthy
Munazzama Zaidi What is this..
THEREyouareJesus.com Munazzama Zaidi, This is a website blog where I share modern day evidence of Jesus Christ interacting with us during our lifetime. The evidence is laid out on the homepage in categories of evidence that have evolved since I began in 2013. Categories titled Nature, Numbers, Multiple Witnesses, and Everyday Things. I invite you to see for yourself, on ThereYouAreJesus.com
John Maloney Munazzama Zaidi it’s half-baked nonsense. Pay no attention.

THEREyouareJesus.com John Maloney I wonder if our lives will meet again after we both no longer live on earth.

John Maloney I doubt it. I am donating my body to medical science and when they are finished with it, what is left will return to matter. My existence will live on in the memory of people whose lives I have touched. I hope they will smile when they think of me. End of story.

THEREyouareJesus.com John Maloney Only, it’s not the end of story. Once your human body is dead, our consciousness lives on, throughout eternity – whether we like it or not. The only question is, will God let us into the light of heaven.

John Maloney “Whether we like it or not! Your claim does not stand up to even the slightest scrutiny. Can you provide evidence that our consciousness, as you call, it lives on through Eternity? You believe in a cosy fantasy. I live in the real world. “God”! Which one?

THEREyouareJesus.com I most certainly can give you real evidence (1) I was suffocated to death and then resuscitated by my abusive father. I give full details on my website, and here is a link https://www.thereyouarejesus.com/…/breaking-through-to…/

THEREyouareJesus.com I’ll also give you another person’s testimony as described in his death and resurrection, not resuscitation, but his divine intervention resurrection, in this CBN video interview. Here is that link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59mRZ1Vj8ZU

John Maloney You believe what you want to believe and I hope it makes you happy, if deluded.

John Levay John Maloney Thanks but did you watch the video and read my post?

John Maloney I don’t read fairy stories or fantasy.

John Levay John Maloney so you ask for evidence but when you receive evidence you don’t care. Okay, it’s your eternal consciousness.

John Maloney You r understanding of ‘evidence’ is not mine.”Eternal Consciousness” What are you talking about? Mumbo Jumbo?

John Levay John Maloney it would probably be much easier for you to understand if you start being open to reading and watching the testimonials by people who actually have had first hand experience in conscious life beyond the human body’s life. There are such people. Most did not study religion and plan a career in it. I am one of them.
The two links I sent you last night are mighty important. One is my written testimony and the other is a video interview with a man who died in a hospital, was moved to the hospital’s morgue, and came back to life 20 minutes later. And he remembers EVERYTHING he experienced during those 20 minutes he was dead on a slab in a hospital’s morgue. His is better than mine. If you only do one, watch his video. And as he says, he used to be atheist, but is now an ordained Christian Minister. With the same passion I have..

I appreciate the honest exchange with John Maloney about the length of our lives. It helps identify the root cause of differences between non-believers and believers. John Maloney, as a non-believer, is certain that life on this one and only planet earth is the only place where conscious life exists. Whereas I, as a believer, have learned that our brain does not create our consciousness. Our brain enables our consciousness to enter into life on earth when we are born as a baby. And when our brain dies, we leave our human body and take our consciousness with us, along with our vision, memory and emotions all intact. I learned this before reading the Bible. I learned this through my own personal experiences, including (1) being suffocated to death and then resuscitated back to life on earth by my one abusive parent (unbeknownst to my other parent), and (2) researching others who have died and been brought back to life by way of resuscitation, and some by divine intervention, which are two completely different events.

September 29th, 2019 marks the 6th anniversary of the visual miracle that originated this website, ThereYouAreJesus.com. This year has been particularly emotional as it was discovered that the visual miracle 6 years ago was not my first interaction with Jesus Christ. God threw a serious curve into our 6 year timeline by presenting brand new evidence dating back 50 years to my early childhood in the 1960’s. Through a process of “regaining access” to repressed traumatic memories.

Here are a few excerpts from recent posts this year as these discoveries were published…
In the 5/31/19 post, I previewed a recent and major development that fits so perfectly into the puzzle of evidence compiling on TYAJesus, that it answers questions created-by the sheer volume of evidence compiled. Such as, “why do I get to witness all of this evidence of God’s interaction when you seem surprised and somewhat in disbelief?”
I am posting these facts because God gave them to me in 2019 whereas I began working for him in 2013. My purpose is no longer for myself. My purpose since 2013 is to give God my experiences and my skills for his own purposes. As of 6 years later 2019, it appears God’s purpose for me includes rescuing children from abuse. I say this because of the brand new evidence in 2019 that came to me by way of regaining access to memories that had been repressed since childhood, triggered by listening to the words spoken by someone else who died as a young child, visited heaven, and came back from heaven in 2004, with the same words I came back from heaven with, in my 1960’s childhood.
So why is it I feel I began working for God in 2013?
Here is why → The following image is an attempt to recreate the colors and black silhouette of Jesus that visibly entered my prayer in 2013 in which I was asking Jesus to come into my life, take over, and I will use my life and skills for his purposes, no longer my own. The image below is a still-extract from the conclusion of a scene that came together in a sequence of events like a short silent movie, with the white portal appearing first, then the moving colors began rising from the portal, and the black silhouette of Jesus was the final image to complete this scene.
Can you see why this vision felt like the ratification of an agreement? And please remember, the following image is only an attempt to recreate what I saw enter my prayer. The quality does not match the beauty of the actual vision, but at least it gives you an idea of what happened. It does, however, call on you to imagine this scene being many times more beautiful and clear.

It was when Jesus appeared at the grand finale of this visual sequence that I made the comment, “There you are!” which became the name of our website where I share what I learn while providing Jesus with a connection to you. Jesus and you, are the heart and soul of ThereYouAreJesus.com.
Now in 2019, with those repressed traumatic memories from my 1960’s-childhood coming back into the forefront of my consciousness again – it is easy to see that my close relationship with Jesus Christ began long before the vision of 2013 that gave birth to this website.
Now, it makes sense → I have already had the pleasure of coming eye to eye with Jesus between my suffocation and resuscitation. It appears that by asking for him during my temporary death, and him appearing for me as requested, apparently means as much to Jesus as it does to me. I wonder what he was thinking as our eye to eye contact was interrupted by my abuser resuscitating me back to life in my human body. Maybe one day he will tell me. I hope so.

New Options Added to TYAJesus – Another announcement for this 6th anniversary post is that we are adding ways you can contribute to, and benefit from, the “reach” of this website. By reach, I am referring to the number of people around the world who are learning about Jesus Christ through the modern day evidence presented on this website, ThereYouAreJesus.com.

We have recently completed installation of what is called a “payment gateway” which refers to the technology that allows website visitors to make payments using a variety of payment options. The payment gateway is an important aspect of all electronic payment card processing, such as for donations, sponsoring specific content on the website, purchasing advertising space to promote your goals, and purchasing merchandise using a shopping cart.

This new payment gateway on TYAJesus has been created by an eCommerce integration architect who was hired specifically for this job. Their skills are far above my own capabilities and they cost a small fortune but my hope and prayer is that this investment will get us over the hurdle of my own financial limitations, so that ThereYouAreJesus can grow and reach many more people around the world with true modern day evidence that Jesus Christ is absolutely 100 percent real and can interact with each one of us in our daily lives.

Right now the payment gateway is in its infancy and is just for receiving donations. Soon you will also be able to purchase from a variety of advertising options, and within a year I plan to have a shopping cart with merchandise for sale on TYAJesus, as well. The following two screenshots show you where this new payment gateway is located on the site. Currently the page is titled Donation and is located on the main menu of our homepage.

Once you click on the currency that is used where you live, it will take you to a page where you can enter your information securely and privately.

Our growth in just the first six years is now up to 65 countries. With this success comes an enormous amount of work to do and quite frankly, I need help. Your donation will allow me to get past the limitations of my own financial ability.

I sincerely thank you for your consideration and I pray for Jesus to come to know you in a much deeper and more meaningful way.

John Levay


Bringing the world together through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.