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Modern-Day Evidence > Eye Witness Afterlife

Akiane Kramarik is Appearing at Beloved Gallery’s Fall Affair & Gala

Join us for a Celebration of Faith through Art with Akiane Kramarik

Watch Testimony of Meeting Jesus Christ, Face to Face, before Resuscitation Back to Life

Watch testimony of meeting Jesus during death, before resuscitation back to life on earth.

Akiane Painted Who I Met in Heaven

How many people do you know have died, met Jesus Christ, come back to life on earth, and found a painting of Jesus that is "precisely" who they saw during their death?

Witnessing God: Two Miracles, Compared

This means the same things can happen for anyone of us.

Born on this Planet in Human Form

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. Jesus Christ is the true Son of God Jesus said, "Anyone who has seen me has seen...

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