Breaking Through to a Key Piece of the Puzzle

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Hi and welcome back to ThereYouAreJesus. There is so much information to get to but for this particular post, I need to explain the taboo subject raised by my rather unbelievable announcement in the most recent post. The information revealed in the post dated 5/31/2019 is shocking and hard to believe for anybody, but especially for those who think they knew my one parent who was secretly abusive to me. I did not have two abusive parents but I did have one, and I am not going to publish his name and my purpose is not to hold him accountable for what happened. I have forgiven him in my heart the same way I pray Jesus Christ forgives me for my sins against God, which is complete and everlasting forgiveness.

Ever wonder How God Forms a Covenant with a human being?

My purpose for offering these details to you is because of the words I was saying in a 2013-prayer-of-desperation that Jesus Christ ratified into a covenant by-way-of “interrupting those words by literally entering the dark vision of my closed-eyes in high-definition-color.” This visual miracle is the origin of the website, “” By entering my prayer visually, Jesus was turning those words into an official agreement between him and me. Consider that for a moment, if it happened to you, would it change your life? Would you be trying to remember every single thing you said in that prayer? I sure am!

Since that moment, I have dedicated myself to sharing what I learn while providing Jesus with a connection to you. Jesus and you, are the heart and soul of

In the 5/31/19 post, I previewed a recent and major development that fits so perfectly into the puzzle of evidence compiling on TYAJesus, that it answers questions created-by the sheer volume of evidence compiled. Such as, “why do I get to witness all of this evidence of God’s presence when you seem surprised and somewhat in disbelief?”

Relevant content from the 5/31-post has been added to the bottom ↓ of this 6/30-post, for convenience.

And at the same time, this recent development – complicates things – because it happened long before existed, by almost fifty years (50).

So to minimize confusion, let’s start with an update to the timeline.

  • 2013 September 29 – visual miracle by Jesus that interrupted a unique prayer I was saying, thereby ratifying that prayer into an actual agreement between Jesus and me.
  • 2014 November 12 – launched this website at 11:12 am by publishing the first post, which was about the visual miracle.
  • 2014 through 2019 (as of 6/30/19) – a continuous flow of coincidences have been happening with a total of 61 now published on this site.
  • 2019 April through May – I regained “conscious access” to “unconscious,” repressed traumatic memories from 4th grade in childhood (1968/69) that have been hidden for five decades, until now.

The transition of these memories from unconscious to conscious was triggered by watching an interview with someone who died as a child during emergency surgery and came back to life with detailed memory of a brief visit in heaven during his surgery on earth.

For example, he came through the surgery with knowledge he did not have before the surgery. Such as having met his unborn sister who died in the womb five years before Colton was born, which his mom had not told him about. And many more fascinating details. His story was made into a book and movie, called Heaven is for Real and also a book titled Heaven Changes Everything. Both of which are linked on the right column of the homepage of TYAJesus – under Books, Shows, & Sites.

His name is Colton Burpo. For the purpose of this timeline for TYAJesus, my point is that Colton came back from heaven in the early 2000’s, using the same exact words that I said to my mom in the 1960’s, several days after my suffocation and tour of heaven that ended abruptly when the person who suffocated me – resuscitated me – back to life here on earth.

Contrary to what I wrote in the 5/31/19 post, I have decided to begin releasing details of the newly regained traumatic memories, before compiling the corroborating evidence to support my claims. The reasons are (1) I know they are true, (2) Jesus knows they are true, and (3) there are lessons that can be learned from these memories and sharing any lesson I learn from God is one of my agreements that Jesus ratified in 2013 by appearing during my prayer.

At the same time, I will update this post with corroborating evidence such as interviews, as they become available. This way I can move forward with what God wants from me, which is to share what I learn and provide him with a connection to you.

By the way – right here might be a good time to let you know that my posts here on continue to be developed long after they publish. For example, my last post looks completely different on 6/30/2019 then it did when it published a month ago on 5/31/2019. So you may want to check back on some posts for any updates because subscribers receive an email notification when evidence publishes, but not for updates.

The following is true and details my temporary death and resuscitation at the hands of my abusive father.

As a result of regaining access to those repressed traumatic memories of my temporary death, I now remember everything that happened (1) prior, during, and after my suffocation and (2) prior, during, and after my resuscitation. These recently-regained memories had been repressed into my subconscious for about 50 years – since 1968/69, until now – 2019. I regained them within several months after watching an interview with another child who died during an emergency surgery, interacted with people in heaven, and then returned to his body on the operating table: Colton Burpo who is portrayed in the movie “Heaven is for Real.” Specifically, it was two of the words he brought back from heaven in 2003 that were the same words I brought back from heaven in the 1960’s – which are (1) Throne room, and (2) Markers. Those words are the one and only catalyst that enabled me to pull those repressed traumatic memories from deep within my subconscious, back into the forefront of my consciousness.

Are you ready for this? Because I’m not sure I am, but here we go – and I call on Jesus Christ to be my witness of these events.

It was very rare that I was home alone – for the entire night – with only my one abusive parent, and he did not waste the opportunity.

That night – I was drugged, suffocated to death, and immediately taken on a narrated tour of heaven, which ended abruptly when I was resuscitated back into my human body by my abuser, who was punching the left side of my chest directly over my heart. His way of administering CPR, I guess.

At bedtime – he would not let me sleep on my own bed or even in my own bedroom and would not explain why. Keep in mind I was a young child at the time, in fourth grade of school. Instead, he had me sleep in another bedroom but not on that bed either. He had me sleep on a temporary mattress that he placed there just for that one night, and he handed me a pill to take. I asked what it was, because he had never given me medication before. He said it will “help me sleep” and he made absolutely sure I swallowed it, by inspecting my mouth.

I was extremely worried because of these actions, combined with his previous threats of killing me for telling my elementary school teacher about his sexual and verbal abuse.

But I took the pill and I slept on the fold up bed. My death began by waking up to hands covering my face, pressing my head into the mattress with a lot of force, which prevented me from breathing.

I struggled and tried removing the hands by grabbing the wrists and recognized whose hands they were. I then relaxed my efforts to escape and waited.

Almost immediately, (1) I felt a sensation of moving, as if traveling, so I was still conscious, and (2) heard a very kind sounding male voice audibly telling me I was being “taken to see God.”

I was given a tour of two areas outside of heaven with the same voice narrating what I was seeing. I was shown what he called the “Throne room of God” which looked like a large glass enclosure containing a miniature universe of stars that were organized into an artistic fashion, overlooking what appeared to be a sea of glass, and was told “This is God.” The optics were perfectly clear, similar to the sky on a clear beautiful night, but with a much different arrangement of stars.

Next, I was shown the outside of a large door frame with a yellow glow coming from behind the door, in the distance. There was a person standing in front of the closed door who looked like the pictures I had seen of Jesus. I asked if that is who it was and was told “No, would you like to see Jesus?” I said yes, and the person standing in front of the door – walked away from it, towards my left as I faced him. Then there was a pause, like a delay as if Jesus had not planned on greeting me there at that time. I can only guess he already knew my dad’s intent to quickly resuscitate me.

But after a moment, Jesus did appear where the first person had been standing but he did not walk onto the scene the way the first person walked off the scene. Instead, he “materialized visually” right there in front of heaven’s gate and was looking down. As he finished materializing where I could see him, he looked up directly at me.

Jesus looked very similar to the first person who had been there, except (1) his eyes were more wide-open, whereas the first person’s eyes had more of a natural squint to them as if he was attempting to see me more clearly, and (2) Jesus had highly visible red marks on his bare hands and feet. Both of the people wore a white robe and had long dark hair but Jesus had these four red marks. I asked about the red marks and was told “Those are his Markers.”

As I looked at him, he was looking back at me, standing still and saying nothing.

Suddenly and abruptly everything disappeared, turned to darkness very briefly and then I was instantly back in my human body, laying on the same temporary mattress I had died on, with my killer resuscitating me back to life by throwing punches on the left side of my chest so hard that my 10 year old body was bouncing on the mattress springs.

One thing we as humans have very little knowledge of, unless we die and then come back to life, is how heavy our human body actually is, in comparison to being alive and conscious without our body.
If I had not been killed and then brought back to life, I would not have known this. We all know what it feels like wanting to lose weight. Imagine getting used to the weightlessness of your spiritual body outside of your human body and then abruptly coming back into the full weight of your human body. The difference is definitely noticeable. In particular, my arms were out of control when I regained consciousness on earth and I had to make an effort to regain control of them.
I find these details of life to death and back to life to be fascinating content for an upcoming series on Having seen life after death once, and Jesus Christ twice, why not share the details? After all, it truly is incredibly good news for all of us!
Part of me, not all of me but part of me, is actually thankful for my dad killing me and then resuscitating me back to life on earth. Because it enabled me (1) to personally see God, (2) then Jesus (3) and heaven’s gate in the afterlife (4) which I can now share with you as testimony to the fact of God Almighty. Believe it or not, I have actually prayed a thank you prayer to Jesus and have asked him to relay it to my dad, who no longer lives on earth. Crazy as this sounds, perhaps it is a sign that I have truly forgiven my dad.

As he saw my eyes open after resuscitation, he asked “are you alive?” and seemed out of breath. I responded “yeah” and he disappeared behind the head of my bed, as I fell right back asleep because of the drug he had given me earlier in the evening to “help me sleep.”

Waking up in the morning, I tried getting out of bed and discovered I could not move.

I had not been taken for medical care after the suffocation and resuscitation and I don’t even think my blood had fully recirculated throughout my body, because I could not move my arms or legs. I was laying flat on my back and probably had not moved since he resuscitated me. I was starting to feel a lot of soreness on the left side of my chest.

Gradually I worked my left foot over to the left side of the bed and hooked the edge with my heel, which enabled me to slowly work myself out of bed and flat on the floor. Laying there with eyes open, unable to move, staring at the carpet.

Eventually I recovered enough to get up on all fours ( hands and knees ) and tried standing but was unable to keep my balance and ran straight into a wall.

He apparently heard the commotion and was waiting right outside the door when I came out of the bedroom. He said one thing, “how do you feel?”

I replied “fine” almost defiantly, because at that point I still remembered what had just happened the night before and who did it to me. I was too young to know how to confront him about it though.

He asked me two more times throughout the day, “how do you feel now?” and I opened up a little more by saying “I didn’t feel so good this morning but I’m better now.”

The rest of my family returned home later that day, but I did not tell them what he did to me because I knew they could not protect me from him.

The next day, walking down a hallway in our home with my abuser, he said to me “I’ll tell you one thing, you’re a tough little guy” and he repeated it several times, making me feel good about myself. It was as if he was impressed I survived.

Within a couple days after that, when he was alone with me, in a very nice tone of voice he asked if anyone had ever abused me – apparently checking to see if his suffocation and resuscitation was successful at erasing my memory. I answered truthfully, although fearfully, by saying “yes.” He immediately cursed and changed his demeanor by becoming very angry at me and he never let go of that anger. From then on he displayed serious hatred of my existence, whenever there was no one else around to witness. His use of the word “tough” changed completely – from a compliment – to a hammer. After he learned my memory of his abuse had survived the temporary death he put me through, he would yell at the top of his lungs “Tough!” whenever I asked him to stop being mean to me.

As I aged into high school, he was getting more careless ( alcohol ) by abusing me verbally “in front of his friends.” Sometimes even they would seriously-protest, and he would tell them “he’s tough, he can take it.” They didn’t like it, and some of them told me so in private ( God bless them! ). But they could not, or at least did not, stop him.

This is why I have added “rescuing abused children” to my work on this website for Jesus.

About one week after my temporary death, which my other parent was completely unaware of, I tried telling my other parent that “Jesus has markers.” She said “Jesus has what?” I repeated and she said “Where?” I showed her hands and feet and she said “No those aren’t markers, Jesus was crucified.”

When you are as young as I was and one of your parents say “No,” then that’s all there is to it. Even though I knew I was right, her saying no is probably one of the reasons that memory could become repressed into my subconscious. That combined with the extreme Gaslighting done by my other parent, the abusive one, throughout the remainder of my childhood and on into high school through graduation.

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, gaslighting involves attempts to destabilize the victim and thereby delegitimize the victim’s memory and beliefs. Instances range from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred, to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with intent to disorient the victim.

I had one parent who wanted me dead and the other parent who couldn’t live without me, and even endured similar abuse as me just to keep her family together. She never knew that he killed me the one night she and my sister left me alone with my dad for the whole night.  But I know she was worried because, before leaving, she told me in private “I hope you’re going to be alright.” I asked her not to go and she reluctantly said “she had to.” We were both very afraid of her husband.

I am posting these facts because God gave them to me in 2019 whereas I began working for God in 2013. My purpose is no longer for myself or for what people might think. My purpose since 2013 is to let God use my experiences and skill set for his own purposes. As of 6 years later, 2019, it appears “calling out hidden, domestic child abuse” is one of the callings God has for me. And I am more than happy to shed light on the shamefully complicit non-reporters of the abuse, as well.

So why is it I feel I began working for God in 2013?

Here’s why → The following image is an attempt to recreate, using video animation, the colors and black silhouette of Jesus that visibly entered the dark vision of my closed-eyes during that desperate prayer back in 2013. I paid thousands of dollars for the animation and have not once posted it on ThereYouAreJesus – because it falls so far short of recreating the beauty of the actual vision. However, I do use one frame from the animation – because at least you can have a vague idea of how it looked – with Jesus hovering as a black silhouette above a horizontal white portal with streaming colors rising up. You just have to imagine it being many times more beautiful than this following recreation.

This vision appeared inside of my closed-eyes while I was praying. Can you see why it felt like the ratification of an official agreement between Jesus Christ, and me?

It was when Jesus appeared at the grand finale of this visual sequence that I made the comment, “There you are!” which became the name of our website where I share what I learn while providing Jesus with a connection to you. Jesus and you, are the heart and soul of

Now in 2019, with those repressed traumatic memories from my 1960’s-childhood coming back into the forefront of my consciousness again – it is easy to see that my close relationship with Jesus Christ began long before the vision of 2013 that gave birth to this website.

Now, it makes sense → I have already had the pleasure of coming eye to eye with Jesus between my suffocation and resuscitation. It appears that by asking for him during my temporary death, and him appearing for me as requested, apparently means as much to Jesus as it does to me. I wonder what he was thinking as our eye to eye contact was interrupted by my abuser resuscitating me back to life in my human body. Maybe one day he will tell me. I hope so.

How many people that you know get to write about their own death, in detail and apply what they learn to the rest of their life on earth, as well as share it around the world? Well it took 50 years, but this is where I now am. John Levay 2019 with God as my witness, amen.

If you are not already, please realize that you can experience the feeling of God’s love every bit as much as I can. He is always at the door of our hearts, desiring to come in and fellowship with us (Revelation 3:20). It is up to us to give up the sin that separates us, and open the door to receive his love, his forgiveness and the fullness of his beautiful Holy Spirit.

While I’m thinking about it, another comparison I want to explore sometime are the two times I got to see Jesus – because both times ended abruptly. In 2013, when our Priest resumed the church service following Holy Communion, I opened my eyes ever so briefly which caused the vision of Jesus to disappear. Now in 2019, as I regain conscious access to the detailed memories of my temporary death in childhood 1960’s, I realize that vision of Jesus during my temporary death was interrupted too, when my human body was resuscitated back to life.

I credit the Burpo family – Colton, Todd, and Sonya Burpo – who are the family members portrayed in the movie Heaven is for Real. I credit them for enabling me to regain conscious access to my unconscious memories. I had been researching the intensity of prayers that motivate Jesus into immediate action for a post I was writing when I ran across their interviews, which are also linked on the right side of TYAJesus homepage under Books, Shows & Sites. The words Colton used while describing his visit to heaven – “markers” and “throne room” – are the exact same words I heard during my tour, and are the same ones I was telling my mother when she replied “No those aren’t markers, Jesus was crucified.”

I didn’t argue with her back then but now, 50 years later, I hear the same words being used by another person who temporarily visited heaven. That joggled my mind enough to eventually enable all of those repressed memories from childhood to find their way back into the forefront of my consciousness again. Thank you to the Burpo’s. Thank you so very much!

Because of how pivotal this memory is in corroborating all of the other evidence on this website, I am giving this post “BreakThrough” a place of its own, right on the main menu of the homepage for TYAJesus, alongside the silent visual miracle of 2013 which is the genesis of this website. Here’s why – not only does it corroborate all of the 60+ posts of evidence since 2013, it also answers the question “why my prayer and not yours?”

One last thing – in the most recent post dated 5/31/2019 – I said the following

There is an interesting distinction between the two appearances by Jesus that is accurately described in the Bible. I will explain this in my next post, coming June 30, 2019.

Here is where I explain the distinction

The two times I have seen Jesus are not similar at all. For example:

2013 – Jesus appeared inside of my prayer as a black silhouette, hovering above a white portal with multiple colors rising from the portal towards the black silhouette of Jesus.

As a black silhouette I could not actually see his features at all, other than the outline of his black silhouette in front of a light blue background. So he was “unseen” when I saw him, while my human body was alive on earth.

1960’s – during the brief time I was dead, between the suffocation and the resuscitation, Jesus appeared in the flesh as human and in living color. I could see his eyes, face, hair, a white robe, and most notably, large red marks on his hands and feet, apparently caused by his crucifixion.

In that case, while my human body was temporarily dead but my spiritual body remained alive, with vision and literally at heaven’s door → Jesus appeared to me as human and in living color, just like you and me. So he was “seen” when I saw him, while my human body was temporarily dead on earth but my spiritual body was taken to “see God.”

The distinction between him appearing as (1) a black silhouette (over streaming colors) and (2) in living color (human form) is dependent upon whether my human body was (1) alive, or (2) dead, when he appeared in my vision.

Now, compare that distinction with what is written in the Christian Bible.

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.  – 2 Corinthians 4:18 NIV

That one bible verse seems to apply to a lot of the evidence compiling here on TYAJesus.

That is all for now, but I will be adding more information to this post in the coming days.

Thank you, I can only guess what you are thinking right now. But please know that I feel good to be honoring my agreement with Jesus, no matter how unbelievable it may seem from the temporary earthly perspective.

Sincerely, John, Member of, LLC

Here ends the post titled “Breaking Through…”

The Following Content  from the 5/31/19-post is being Added to this 6/30/19-post  because (a) this 6/30/19-post is being linked directly on the main menu of this site,, whereas (b) the relevant content for this one story, broke, over the course of these two different posts 5/31 & 6/30. Here is the relevant 5/31 content…

First, a major breakthrough in understanding why Jesus would enter one person’s prayer visually, but not everyone’s – and there is an actual reason. But it doesn’t involve being lucky, or chosen. It involves being un-lucky and saved. Figuring this out took (a) six years of active research, (b) regaining conscious access to an unconscious, repressed traumatic memory of a near death experience (NDE) by suffocation & resuscitation during my childhood (1960’s) some 50+ years ago, and (c) connecting the dots from that troubled childhood (1960’s) – to the content of that troubled prayer in 2013 that Jesus interrupted by appearing in celebratory fashion which created the basis for this website,

How I stumbled upon this breakthrough

Have you ever heard of Repressed Traumatic Memories? I have learned our brains have an automatic mechanism for hiding traumatic memories from our own consciousness. Memories from childhood, for example. I have also learned it is possible for patients to regain conscious access to their unconscious memories – which I have now accomplished, at least with one traumatic memory from childhood, and Jesus Christ was very much involved in that memory when it happened.

Now, because of bringing this unconscious memory back into my consciousness, I can see clearly that “no amount of time, or repressed traumatic memory, causes Jesus to forget anything. He remembers everything, he is always present in the most unseen way, and he does visually appear for our rescue when he feels the time is right” – just as the Bible says:
18 I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. 19 Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live. 20 On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.
Quote from Jesus as written in the Book of John 14:18-20, Christian Bible, NIV

There is a prerequisite for this kind of relationship with Jesus. You first have to connect with Jesus. How? Simply by trying. Start within yourself, begin speaking to him with your thoughts and mean what you say. If he sees you are serious, he will start communicating with you, most likely through coincidences. Respond to his coincidences to establish two way communications – and watch your relationship with Jesus grow from there. Jesus is capable of thrilling you.

I wish I could just tell you the full story of this traumatic childhood memory right now. It would certainly be easier than compiling corroborating evidence first. But you are going to want corroborating evidence for this one. Some of which is from 50 years ago, and some involves interviews with people who may or may not want to be interviewed. So, we’ll see, but this story is coming out one way or another. I’m estimating within a year’s timeframe. Hopefully a lot sooner, but we’ll see. I am however going to give you a preview of the full story, right here in this post.

My reasons for going through this process publicly, do not include holding those responsible for what happened to me accountable, or dragging anybody’s name through the mud. I will not use my abuser’s name and will only refer to him as my “abuser” or my “dad.”

Instead, I want to use my experiences to improve society’s protection of innocence in the following ways:

  1. Doing everything I can to inspire your help in the rescue of children who are suffering helplessly in heinous and chronic child abuse that goes un-noticed by society because the child’s abuser “keeps it hidden.”
  2. Describing what to look for when a person of trust within a child’s life, such as one of the parents, becomes motivated to: (a) kill the child; or (b) erase the child’s memory.
  3. Explaining why a person of trust would do this to a child. Motivations such as the child remembering criminal abuse by the “person of trust” that would cause this person to be arrested, if discovered by law enforcement authorities.
  4. Explaining what you should do, and should not do, from the abused-child’s perspective. For example, on the same day the abuse is reported by a child ( to a teacher, policeman, etc ) make sure law enforcement, or their designated governmental agency, removes the child from the abuser’s home and into protective custody. Thereby preventing the accused-abuser from any contact whatsoever with the child until after an investigation is conducted.
  5. Keep the child calm and assure them they have done the right thing by telling you.

The following is a true story

When a teacher at my elementary school asked me questions about “what’s wrong?” and I answered her questions honestly about the years of abuse going on at my home, little did I know how explosive this was! My elementary school was in the same county school system where my abusive parent was employed as the principal of another school and “somehow” my abusive parent was notified about what I disclosed to my teacher before the police were notified. And I was not removed from my abuser’s custody, ever.

I find it quite telling that the same elementary school teacher who acquired details of abuse from me by asking “what’s wrong?” – never said another word about it, for the rest of the week, month, entire school year. Hmmm, did she forget? Or was something more sinister stopping her?

So there I was, a young child, defenseless and living in the home of a narcissistic abuser who had little compassion, and who was now enraged at me because his sexual and emotional abuse was no longer “our secret” and therefore his career working with children in the school system, along with his personal liberties as a free citizen, were now at risk. Try to imagine what began happening to me as a result.

When I finally was interviewed at school several days later by child protective services, my abuser had already destroyed any chance of me repeating what I told my teacher about the abuse. So when officials from child protective services came to school to interview me, they took me into a private room with people I had never met before – and all I could think of was my abuser’s recent threats of “killing me if I told anyone.”

I was absolutely petrified to answer their questions. All I could do was tremble. My sister didn’t even know, nor my best childhood friend, until five decades later (50 years) – that is how far in he “stuffed my cork,” causing me to have repressed traumatic memories, hidden from my own consciousness which became the undiagnosed cause of problems throughout my life.

The heinous physical and mental abuse that ensued throughout the rest of my childhood was inescapable, at times unbearable, and extremely harmful. It only happened when no one else was around to witness. When others were around you would have thought my abuser was a “politician during an election.” But when it was just him and me alone, it was horrific.

What do I mean by horrific? Here is an example.. Later that year after I told my teacher about the abuse, during the first full night that it was just my abusive parent and me at home, alone – he killed me – and then resuscitated me back to life.

I had one parent who wanted me dead and the other parent who couldn’t live without me, and even endured similar abuse as me just to keep her family together.

Do you know of anyone who is abusing a child?

Criminal Penalties for Child Abusers

Do you know that not reporting child abuse is a crime?

Criminal Penalties for “Not Reporting” Child Abuse

As you can see by clicking the two links above, plenty of laws already exist that are intended to rescue children from abusive situations. Yet with all of these laws – child abuse still exists. Why is that?

My contribution to God, so far as child abuse is concerned, is to expose loopholes that allow for child abuse to continue. Loopholes such as when a witness is employed in a profession that is legally required to report child abuse, but simply chooses not to report it, because the witness works with the abuser and doesn’t want their own job to be affected.

Do you know anybody like this?

If so → rescue the child. Even if you are afraid, rescue the child. It is the right decision from both the earthly perspective, and the eternal perspective. If for no other reason, realize that God is watching our actions and knows what is in our hearts, amen.

If a child discloses to you that they are being abused – do you know what to do?

How to Help an Abused Child who Discloses the Abuse to You

What is Psychological Abuse of a Child?

Four Major Types of Child Abuse

Getting back to the story of how regaining conscious access (2019) to an unconscious repressed traumatic memory from childhood (1960’s) has enabled me to finally understand exactly why Jesus literally-appeared inside of my desperate prayer (2013).

There are two common denominators in both the 1960’s event and the 2013 event – and those two common denominators are (1) the same abusive parent, still present and still abusive; and (2) Jesus Christ, visibly present to greet me both times.

There is an interesting distinction between the two appearances by Jesus that is accurately described in the Bible. I will explain this in my next post, coming June 30, 2019.

The same abusive parent who (a) suffocated me to death in the 1960’s, and then resuscitated me back to life moments later, presumably in hopes of erasing my memory of his sexual abuse that therefore threatened his career and liberty – is (b) the very same abusive parent who in 2013, drove me to the point of saying that intense/desperate/pleading prayer that Jesus chose to enter visually. This is why I now understand that “my close relationship with Jesus Christ is not because I am lucky or chosen. It is because I was un-lucky and Jesus was there to save me.” My God, thank you Jesus.

These realizations are good news for you too – here’s why.. because if Jesus appeared for me when I truly needed him – twice now – he will also show up for you, if you let him. How do you let him? By letting him know, how you feel in your heart. Not just words, but true feelings.

My abuser died in 2016. I sincerely pray that God has forgiven him, removed his sinful behaviors, and restored him to child-like innocence so he can be a person of love, amen.

I personally forgive my abuser for every way in which he sinned against me. The same way I pray my Lord forgives me for my sins against him. Forgiving does not require forgetting, however. It only requires forgiving. Remembering how he got away with his abusive ways enables me now to contribute improvements for our system of social policies that are intended to rescue chronically abused children.

I have read that Jesus wants us to “use our pain to help others.” Redemptive Pain, as it is described is the highest and best use of any pain we go through. God wants us to (a) find the good that can be learned from the pain we endure, and (b) use that good to help others. This is one of the ways we can partner with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

“God comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.”   2 Corinthians 1:4 NLT

The following ↓ is evidence of Jesus communicating with us through a coincidence regarding the 5/31/19 content above  

The state government where I live is requiring everyone to verify our address by providing a utility bill (such as electric power) that shows our service address. My sister and I share the bills for properties we own and she files them. So I needed her to send me the latest bill.

At the same time that this need for address verification is going on, I have also told my sister about my progress regaining access to a memory that had been repressed for over five (5) decades. And, like most-everyone will be, she was shocked by what I now remember, in detail.

Here is my point – The following is an example of how Jesus can communicate with us through the everyday-things in our lives, such as utility bills.

My sister simply sent the most recent utility bill currently due without looking at it. But when I received it, the first thing I saw was the number-signature that Jesus and I use for each other when sending coincidences, which is my date of birth, November 12th (11/12)

Let me give you two (of many) examples of how I have sent coincidences to Jesus using our number-signature: I launched this website on November 12th (11/12) of 2014 by publishing the first post at exactly 11:12 (am/morning) – demonstrating to Jesus that I was beginning to understand his language of coincidence; I also published this post you are now reading at 11:12 (pm/night) in 2019.

Compare those two with the following example of how Jesus responds using the very same number-signature (11,12). On the utility bill (below) that my sister sent to prove my address, look at the numbers that happen to be the Total Amount Due (circled in red).

Jesus added his own communication to the utility bill my sister sent for proving my address. The timing of his coincidental communication was perfect because my sister was in shock about my newly regained traumatic memory. And relevant, because Jesus is not only my God, he was also personally involved in the very same traumatic memory when it happened back in my childhood (1960’s). By sending this coincidence of his signature appearing for both my sister and I, Jesus provided corroborating evidence to help assure my sister about the truthfulness of my regained memory.

Thank you Jesus, my friend and partner on, and my Lord and Savior throughout our eternal life.

To see all of the posts about coincidences that convey two-way communications through numbers, go to my homepage/center-column and click on the category titled Modern Day Evidence with Numbers. Or, simply click here and they will open up in a new tab.

It is important for you to understand that the numbers Jesus uses as his signature for you will most-likely be different from mine. He knows you as well as you know yourself, and he will use numbers that are meaningful to you to get your attention. He also uses nature, and everyday-things in ways that can get your attention. But remember, for his communications with you to be two-way, you have to respond to Jesus. Like with a prayerful conversation, or any other way of sending a coincidence that delivers your reply to Jesus.

And if you do see my numbers 11,12 showing up in your life in some way, it could be that he is giving you a message about something you’ve read on our site, Or, perhaps something you have not read yet. It could also be that it has nothing to do with me, but one way to find out is to think about who/what you were doing/thinking/saying when the numbers appeared. If there is a connection, that is how you will find it. Because Jesus communicates with precision timing and relevance to what is happening in our personal lives.

This concludes the content that is added from 5/31/19 post, to this 6/30/19 post. The content was added because this 6/30/19 post is being linked to the main menu of the homepage – whereas the content for this story, broke, over the course of these two different posts.

Thank you, John, Member of, LLC