White Feather – now Superseded by Major Breakthrough on Another front

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Today’s evidence of communications between loved ones on earth and in heaven comes from a father and son who established a “sign” before one of them died so the other would know if they are “okay” after their death. Great story and was originally slated as featured content for this post, hence the title. But that has now been superseded by news of a major breakthrough on another front. But the White Feather story is coming up later, near the end of this post.

Also coming up, a sampling of comments from readers about our April 30th post titled, What rule exists in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism?

First, a major breakthrough in understanding why Jesus would enter one person’s prayer visually, but not everyone’s – and there is an actual reason. But it doesn’t involve being lucky, it involves being un-lucky. Figuring this out took (a) six years of active research, (b) regaining conscious access to an unconscious, repressed traumatic memory of a near death experience (NDE) by suffocation & resuscitation during my childhood (1960’s) some 50+ years ago, and (c) connecting the dots from that troubled childhood (1960’s) – to the content of that troubled prayer in 2013 that Jesus interrupted by appearing in celebratory fashion, which created the basis for this website, ThereYouAreJesus.com.

How I stumbled upon this breakthrough

Have you ever heard of Repressed Traumatic Memories? I have learned our brains have an automatic mechanism for hiding traumatic memories from our own consciousness. Memories from childhood, for example. I have also learned it is possible for patients to regain conscious access to their unconscious memories – which I have now accomplished, at least with one traumatic memory from childhood, and Jesus Christ was very much involved in that memory when it happened.

Now, because of bringing this unconscious memory back into my consciousness, I can see clearly that “no amount of time, or repressed traumatic memory, causes Jesus to forget anything. He remembers everything, he is always present in the most unseen way, and he does visually appear for our rescue when he feels the time is right” – just as the Bible says:

18 I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. 19 Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live. 20 On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.
  Quote from Jesus as written in the Book of John 14:18-20, Christian Bible, NIV
There is a prerequisite for this kind of relationship with Jesus. You first have to connect with Jesus. How? Simply by trying. Start within yourself, begin speaking to him with your thoughts and mean what you say. If he sees you are serious, he will start communicating with you, most likely through coincidences. Respond to his coincidences to establish two way communications – and watch your relationship with Jesus grow from there. Jesus is capable of thrilling you!

I wish I could just tell you the full story of this traumatic childhood memory right now. It would certainly be easier than compiling corroborating evidence first. But you are going to want corroborating evidence for this one. Some of which is from 50 years ago, and some involves interviews with people who may or may not want to be interviewed. So, we’ll see, but this story is coming out one way or another. I’m estimating within a year’s time frame. Hopefully a lot sooner, but we’ll see. I am however going to give you a preview of the full story, right here in this post.

My reasons for going through this process publicly, do not include holding those responsible for what happened to me accountable, or dragging anybody’s name through the mud. I will not use my abuser’s name and will only refer to him as my “abuser.” Instead, I want to use my experiences to improve society’s protection of innocence in the following ways:

  1. Doing everything I can to bring about the rescue of children who are suffering helplessly in heinous and chronic child abuse that goes un-noticed by society because the child’s abuser “keeps it hidden.”
  2. Describing what to look for when a person of trust within a child’s life, such as one of the parents, becomes motivated to: (a) kill the child; or (b) erase the child’s memory.
  3. Explaining why a person of trust would do this to a child. Motivations such as the child remembering criminal abuse by the “person of trust” that would cause this person to be arrested, if discovered by law enforcement authorities.
  4. Explaining what you should do, and not do, from the abused-child’s perspective, when you see a chronically abusive relationship. For example, on the same day the abuse is reported ( to school, law enforcement, etc ) make sure law enforcement, or their designated governmental agency, removes the child from the abuser’s home and into protective custody. The same day if not before. Not only to protect the child from the abuser’s retaliation at home, but also to protect the evidence, which may only be the child’s willingness to testify. At least until after an investigation.
This is one example of how the system can fail, miserably
When a teacher at my elementary school asked me questions about “what’s wrong?” and I answered her questions honestly about the years of abuse going on at my home, little did I know how explosive this was! My elementary school was in the same county school system where my abusive parent was employed as the principal of another school and “somehow” my abusive parent was notified about what I disclosed to my teacher before the police were notified. And I was not removed from my abuser’s custody.
So there I was, a young child, defenseless and living in the home of a narcissistic abuser who had no compassion, and who was now enraged at me because his sexual abuse was no longer “our secret” and therefore his career working with children in the school system, along with his personal liberties as a free citizen, were now at risk. Try, if you can – try to imagine what began happening to me as a result.
When I finally was interviewed at school several days later by child protective services – I was absolutely petrified to answer their questions. All I could do was tremble. My sister didn’t even know, nor my best childhood friend, until five decades later (50 years) – that is how far in he “stuffed my cork,” causing me to have repressed traumatic memories, hidden from my own consciousness which became the undiagnosed cause of problems throughout my life.
The heinous physical and mental abuse that ensued throughout the rest of my childhood was inescapable, at times unbearable, and extremely harmful. It only happened when no one else was around to witness. When others were around, you would have thought my abuser was a “politician during an election.” But when it was just him and me alone, it was horrific.
I had one parent who wanted me dead and the other parent who couldn’t live without me – and even endured similar abuse as me, just for the sake of “keeping her family together.”
Criminal Penalties for Child Abusers
Criminal Penalties for “Not” Reporting Child Abuse
If a child discloses abuse to you – do you know what to do? Here are some tips:
How to Help an Abused Child who Discloses to You
What is Psychological Abuse of a Child?
Four Major Types of Child Abuse

Getting back to the story of how regaining conscious access (2019) to an unconscious repressed traumatic memory from childhood (1960’s) has enabled me to understand why Jesus literally appeared in a desperate prayer (2013).

There are two common denominators in both the 1960’s event and the 2013 event – and those two common denominators are (1) the same abusive parent, still present and still abusive; and (2) Jesus Christ, visibly present to greet me both times.

There is an interesting distinction between the two appearances by Jesus that is accurately described in the Bible. I will explain this in my next post, coming June 30, 2019.

The same abusive parent who (a) suffocated me to death in the 1960’s, and then resuscitated me back to life moments later, presumably in hopes of erasing my memory of his sexual abuse that therefore threatened his career and liberty – is (b) the very same abusive parent who in 2013, drove me to the point of saying that intense/desperate/pleading prayer that Jesus chose to enter visually. This is why I now understand that “my close relationship with Jesus Christ is not because I am lucky or chosen. It is because I was un-lucky and Jesus saved me.” My God, thank you Jesus.

These realizations are good news for you, too. Because if Jesus will be there to save me when I fall, this means he will also be there to save you – if you let him. How do you let him? By letting him know how you feel in your heart.

My abuser died in 2016. I sincerely pray that God has forgiven him, removed his sinful behaviors, and restored him to child-like innocence so he can be a person of love, amen.

I personally forgive my abuser for every way in which he sinned against me. Forgiving does not require forgetting, however. It only requires forgiving. Remembering how he got away with his abusive ways enables me now to contribute improvements for our system of social policies that are intended to rescue chronically abused children.

The following ↓ is an update to the information above ↑ that shows how Jesus interacts with the content in this post, using coincidental communications.

The state government where I live is requiring everyone to verify our address by providing a utility bill (such as electric power) that shows our service address. My sister and I share the bills for properties we own and she files them. So I needed her to send me the latest bill.

At the same time that this need for address verification is going on, I have also told my sister about my progress regaining access to a memory that had been repressed for over five (5) decades. And, like most-everyone will be, she was shocked by what I now remember, in detail.

Here is my point – The following is an example of how Jesus can communicate with us through the everyday-things in our lives, such as utility bills.

My sister simply sent the most recent utility bill currently due without looking at it. But when I received it, the first thing I saw was the number-signature that Jesus and I use for each other when sending coincidences, which is my date of birth, November 12th (11/12)

Let me give you two (of many) examples of how I have sent coincidences to Jesus using our number-signature: I launched this website on November 12th (11/12) of 2014 by publishing the first post at exactly 11:12 (am/morning) – demonstrating to Jesus that I was beginning to understand his language of coincidence; I also published this post you are now reading at 11:12 (pm/night) in 2019.

Compare those two with the following example of how Jesus responds using the very same number-signature (11,12). On the utility bill (below) that my sister sent to prove my address, look at the numbers that happen to be the Total Amount Due (circled in red). Jesus added his own communication to the utility bill my sister sent for proving my address. The timing of his coincidental communication was perfect because my sister was in shock about my newly regained traumatic memory. And relevant, because Jesus is not only my God, he was also personally involved in the very same traumatic memory when it happened back in my childhood (1968/69). By sending this coincidence of his signature appearing for both my sister and I, Jesus provided corroborating evidence to help assure my sister about the truthfulness of my regained memory.

Thank you Jesus, my friend and partner on ThereYouAreJesus.com, and my Lord and Savior throughout our eternal life.

To see all of the posts about coincidences that convey two-way communications through numbers, go to my homepage/center-column and click on the category titled Modern Day Evidence with Numbers. Or, simply click here and they will open up in a new tab.

It is important for you to understand that the numbers Jesus uses as his signature for you will most-likely be different from mine. He knows you as well as you know yourself, and he will use numbers that are meaningful to you to get your attention. He also uses nature, and everyday-things in ways that can get your attention. But remember, for his communications with you to be two-way, you have to respond to Jesus. Like with a prayerful conversation, or any other way of sending a coincidence that delivers your reply to Jesus.

And if you do see my numbers 11,12 showing up in your life in some way, it could be that he is giving you a message about something you’ve read on our site, ThereYouAreJesus.com. Or, perhaps something you have not read yet. It could also be that it has nothing to do with me, but one way to find out is to think about who/what you were doing/thinking/saying when the numbers appeared. If there is a connection, that is how you will find it. Because Jesus communicates with precision timing and relevance to what is happening in our personal lives.

Now back to the original version of this post.

 Reader’s Comments 

Here is a sampling of comments from readers about our April 30th post titled, What rule exists in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism?

كيان امراة Allahu Akbar there is no God but Allah Muhammad Messenger of God
Forgive me and repent to him
Richard Henning One can be loving, ethical and moral without a believe in God.
  • THEREyouareJesus.com Believing that “life only lasts for as long as we are on this one and only planet, and breathing oxygen” leaves out one important fact, which is – “we are alive and conscious as spiritual beings of light throughout all of eternity, whether we like it or not, and the only question is – will Jesus welcome us from earth into the eternal light of God – or will we have given him reason to selectively leave us in eternal darkness. Reason such as the inability to forgive others for their sin against us. If we will not forgive them, then our eternal father will not forgive us, for our sins against him.
  • Richard Henning THEREyouareJesus.com Forgiving those who harm us is central to emotional and spiritual growth. It’s a wide spread concept and not just a Jesus thing. Still don’t get the eternal father thing and why not mother?

  • THEREyouareJesus.com  Richard Henning – Since you do not believe in God, at least learn the “Lord’s Prayer” so you can recite it in your dying seconds to save your soul from eternal darkness. Here is a link to an interview with a “former” atheist – who did just that ( recite the Lord’s Prayer in his dying seconds ) and it saved him. If you want to be informed, watch this 22 minute video. To make it easy for you I have even “cued up” the video to the exact part of the interview in which the former atheist described how he recited the Lord’s Prayer as he was dying and it got him into heaven “for twenty minutes” after he died. Which is when Jesus sent him back to life on earth with instructions to tell the world what he has learned about how life continues after earth. His story has also been made into a movie. Because I care, I am giving you this opportunity to learn something very serious.

Valerie Konowe-Russo THEREyouareJesus.com 

Jesus does NOT leave anymore in darkness.
The people, themselves, make that choice.

  • د.ناجي الركابي Valerie Konowe-Russo how ignorant you are.. Muslims don’t worship the moon. It a mere dead stone in the universe. Muslims look at this huge stone to calculate their times the lunar month is 29 or 30 days. Muslims are monotheic they believe in a single God… The almighty dominant creator of universe unlike you. You have a family of Gods you don’t have any thing to prove the rightness of your beliefs except talking. You are scorned by your leaders. The jews who don’t believe in your Jesus. You don’t know that Muslims glorify Jesus as the messenger of God one who disbelieve in that is not a muslim.
    Arockia Raj Jews and Muslims sailing in same boat not to accept Jesus as the Lord.. son of God etc….
    Without this key cannot enter heaven..
    Lord open their blindness
Richard David Lee I believe in God but hate religion.. Jesus said follow me for I am the light and the only way to the kingdom of heaven.. He did not say follow my religion..
  • THEREyouareJesus.com Interesting Richard! I would love to know more about how the two are separate… maybe some examples?
  • Richard David Lee THEREyouareJesus.com — Well I believe in God.. But I am not a catholic Baptist methodist or any other label you want to put it as.. As long as I have a relationship with Jesus in my heart and soul that’s all that matters is this not correct.. Jesus didn’t say follow my religion because i am a Catholic , Baptist, Methodist or any other religion .. Jesus said follow me for i am the light and the only way to the kingdom of Heaven … So I stand by my statement ( I believe in God but hate religion )..
Yunus Chitalwala All religions are about Truth and good behavior. Better be good to all and respect other’s belief . Don’t engage in esoteric philosophical arguments about religions.
Orisa Who choice between heaven and on earth?
  • THEREyouareJesus.com we All do Orisa – by the choices we make during our lives on earth.
  • Orisa Yes, I understanding your means, thus I have hear,
    Jesus said” foxes have holes, birds of the air have nets; the son of man has nowhere to lay his head.”
    So that I can’t believe all religious,,now I looking for Myself.
د.ناجي الركابي Emmanuel Donkoh unfortunately the majority think that Saudia is the representative of Islam they are wahabees..and their false Islamic faith spoiled the name of Islam I am not a religious person but no one what so ever tries will never prove the rightness of his religion. OK show me Jesus or a minor miracle of his l will be a Christian this moment. Nevertheless.as a follower of Islam the true Islam I sanctify all Jesus and prophets of jews as Islam wants me to do so.. .
THEREyouareJesus.com I can show you the miracle by Jesus that you ask for. It is the main event that my website is named for, ThereYouAreJesus. Here is the link to my detailed description of the miracle Jesus showed me. https://www.thereyouarejesus.com/2015/05/there-you-are/
ThereYouAreJesus.com is a global platform where you can view modern day evidence of God interacting in our lives and comment on the evidence, as well. This enables you to respond with knowledge and beliefs of your own. I encourage you to join in the conversation – Here’s how – this website has a Facebook.com page that publishes the same posts as you see here on the actual website. The Facebook page for TYAJesus is where readers can post comments and interact with other readers. Just so you have easy access to it, here is a direct link to the Facebook Page for ThereYouAreJesus.com

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  • Threats are not acceptable and will cause that person to be blocked from future use of this site.
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  • The bottom line is this – Treat others the same way you want others to treat you – which is with the respect you deserve.
  • “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”   ( Matthew 5:1-12 )

And now – the evidence I had originally planned for this post, before that whole “repressed memory” thing blew up.

Today’s evidence of communications between loved ones on earth and in heaven comes from a father and son who established a “sign” before one of them died so the other would know if they are “okay” after their death. Their plans have since materialized, and here is their story.

Julian Lennon is the son of late Beatles musician John Lennon. Julian says his dad had always said that if something happened to him and he passed away, the way he would show a sign that he is okay would be in the form of a white feather. Julian was on tour about 20 years ago in Australia, and management at the hotel where he was staying called his room and said, “Mr. Lennon, you have about 50 people in the lobby, they’re an indigenous tribe, can you please come down?” Julian went to the hotel lobby and the elder from the tribe walked up to him with a huge white feather, and she said, “You have a voice. Can you help us?” The elder told Julian that their tribe had been thrown off their land. Julian says “I got goose bumps” because of what his father, John, had told him about the appearance of a white feather. Julian spent the next ten years with a friend making a documentary called “Whale Dreamers” about this indigenous tribe. In 2007, he created the White Feather Foundation, which helps raise funds for environmental, humanitarian, and clean-water projects and protects indigenous cultures. Julian says “To me, it’s really all about helping your fellow man” as reported by Brianne Tracy.

I only know Brianne Tracy’s name by reading the magazine clipping that a reader sent me (who does not want attribution). That reader tells me the clipping is from People Magazine. Here is the clipping I received.

And for more information on Julian’s story, go to whitefeatherfoundation.com

Lessons learned from their story – Start thinking about what you would choose as a sign for you with your loved ones. It’s not too early to prepare a way for loved ones to be comforted when life changes.

I am updating this post by adding the photo below of a white feather next to a dime. The reason is because I found it in my home when publishing this story about John and Julian Lennon’s white feather. The timing is just a coincidence, but that’s pretty much what this site is all about, coincidental communications. The feather is a sign of approval for including John and Julian’s story on my site. Thank you Jesus, thank you John, and thank you Julian.

The dime is just to show the feather’s size.
Update number 2 – Joan in Quezon City Philippines responds to this post with the following commentary. Since “pictures” of comments can not be translated, I will add some description so readers of all languages can enjoy.
Here is her response to this post through the Facebook.com Page for this website, ThereYouAreJesus.
In the picture of her response ( directly above ) she says “she keeps a white feather in her purse that she found because some say it is a sign of an angel nearby.” To which I reply “send me a picture of the feather along with a note and I will share it with everyone on ThereYouAreJesus.com. And if enough people ( such as you ) will do this, I will create a new category of evidence to present contributions from readers.
She immediately sends the following picture and note through Facebook’s Messenger.

Her note ( directly above ) says the white feather “Reminds her of God’s protection everyday.” To which I reply “White feathers symbolizing God’s protection, that is beautiful.” I also remember featuring Joan’s story in a previous post titled Two Days Later, Guess What Happens in which she describes how Hearts connect her to her late son Alvin and how the numbers in Alvin’s birthday – 214 ( February 14 ) – have appeared numerous times with timing and relevance to create a coincidence that conveys a message from heaven to earth.
And the picture above is of actual heart shaped water drops that formed on a leaf after some rain that I was fortunate enough to get a picture-of. The words say “There You Are.”

Have you ever prayed for God to forgive you for your sins? Sure you have, we all have. To receive the forgiveness you seek, you must also be willing to forgive others who have sinned against you. Otherwise, God will not forgive you for your sins against him. This is written in the Christian Bible, Matthew 6:9-14, and is commonly referred to as, “The Lord’s Prayer.” Forgiving someone may not always be easy, but our ability to forgive is one of our keys to receiving eternal life in heaven. I am providing you with the Lord’s Prayer at the bottom of this post, below my signature.

With all that being said, could you use a good laugh right about now?… Watch this ←

ThereYouAreJesus.com is building a platform with global reach for the purpose of sharing modern day evidence of our living God. All people, of all beliefs, in all countries here on this beautiful planet are welcome and respected here on TYAJesus. I may be on the other side of the planet from you, and we may not have been brought up to believe in the same things, but I want you to know – we are fellow human beings, born with the same needs, and filled with the same wonder. We love our family, our friends, and we love nature’s animals and plants. As we learn about God we fall in absolute love with him, too. Our beliefs may be different, based on what we were taught growing up, but as young children none of that would have mattered. We would have just played and have fun together, as children do. Let’s open our minds back up and show our Smiles again. It looks Good on you!

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Thank you and God bless all that you hold dear in your heart.

John, Member of ThereYouAreJesus.com LLC, john.levay@yahoo.com

It’s Summer and it gets Hot – Give your Pets Plenty of Water!
And be aware that Hot Asphalt can easily Burn your pet’s Paws (feet) when you take them for a walk on a road. Be sure to check. If it’s too hot for you to walk on with bare feet, then it’s too hot for your pet’s bare paws as well.

The Lord’s Prayer
“This, then, is how you should pray:
“‘Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
10 your kingdom come,
your will be done,
    on earth as it is in heaven.
11 Give us today our daily bread.
12 And forgive us our sins,
    as we also forgive those who have sinned against us.
13 Lead us not into temptation,[a]
    but deliver us from the evil one.[b]
14 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.