See Jesus Communicate through a Coincidence

Updated information immediately follows the video link below.

I am very happy for a Second Update – following the first update – which follows the video link below.

Last night I was thinking with an eternal perspective about how everything I publish here on ThereYouAreJesus will affect my soul forever. This is a daunting consideration to ponder, scares me a bit, and motivates me to get it right for God, you, and me.

So I talked to Jesus about it in my thoughts last night (06/19/2017).  It was a one-way conversation through prayer.  He was not responding and I was praying from my heart with sincerity. Pouring out my concerns and assuring Jesus that I am only doing this work of sharing his evidence because it appears to be what he wants me to do.  I gather this impression because he continues to give me new evidence of two-way communications with him and with other loved-ones in heaven.

I assured Jesus that I believe I am walking as close to him as I possibly can by making every word I publish the truth and nothing but the truth.  I also asked, if I am doing anything wrong, to please let me know.

The very next day, I find this video on my Facebook page, watched it, and realized it addresses last night’s prayer “just by coincidence.”  I’ll show you the video (about 2 minutes long) and then explain exactly what I mean by analyzing the entire coincidence after you watch the video.  Click on it to watch.

My analysis of this video (now blocked) follows this update to the original post.
IMPORTANT – I believe I owe a serious apology to the owner of this video, Fox.  As you can see by clicking to watch the video, it has been blocked.  The reason Fox took this action, I believe, is because in my enthusiasm to share and analyze with you all evidence that comes to me through coincidences, I have overlooked something very important:  This particular piece of evidence is copyrighted material and I have not yet asked-for or obtained permission to show it to you in this post. I am truly sorry to all parties involved and I hope to be in contact with the appropriate people at Fox to rectify my mistake.
In the meantime, you can still read my analysis of how this (now-blocked) video became one of several components in a sequence of unrelated-components that, when combined together as if into one single event, takes on a whole new meaning by way of their timing and relevance (to specific issues in our current lives).
Last but not least, in the interest of starting the process of giving proper credit to the owners of this video’s copyright, I found the following information on Wikipedia and would like to share it with you as I think it identifies and thereby credits the source of the video clip I used in this post.  You can click to enlarge.

I don’t create the evidence I receive from coincidences, I witness the evidence and then create the analysis for publication on this website.  Sharing evidence of two-way communications with loved-ones in heaven comes naturally to me, but learning how to do this when it involves copyright material is a learning process for me.  I pray for your understanding.
And now, I return you to the analysis in my original post.

“But first” – I have a Second Update – Fox has been very kind to unblock my use of their video content in this post. As you can see by clicking their link above – the Video’s Back!

I am very happy to see this.

Full CREDIT goes to FOX – The two-minute video clip above is part of the epic five-week, 10-hour television miniseries that premiered on March 3, 2013 on the History Channel from Emmy Award winning husband and wife team, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. The story of God’s creation of the Earth and the landmark events leading up to the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  Starring Keith David, Robert Powell, Diogo Morgado.

Gain access to the full Mini-Series titled The Bible 2013 by clicking here.

Now back to the original post.

Okay, so let’s analyze, and let me assure you my purpose is not to glorify myself as anything different from you.  My purpose is to share with you the incredible truth that Jesus can and will communicate with us if we ask him to, if we are sincere, and if we have an open mind to learning a whole new way of communicating.

Now, here are the reasons why I believe this coincidence qualifies as evidence of communication directly from God.

First, I had just prayed to Jesus the night before, asking for his feedback on the evidence I am presenting on this website.

Second, within 24 hours of that prayer, I find this brief two minute video clip of a depiction of Jesus Christ on my Facebook page.  I had not seen it before, I didn’t put it there, yet there it was.  So I clicked on it and watched.

The third reason is not because Jesus happens to be talking to someone with the same name as mine (John).  He could have been talking to (Brian) the Baptist or (Betty) the Baptist.  Much more relevant than the name are the words Jesus is saying, which are “Don’t Stop” & “John, what you are doing is right.”  Those are part of what makes this video coincidentally-relevant to my prayer.

The relevance of those words combined with the timing of those words in this video’s surprise appearance in my life less than 24 hours after that prayer are what qualifies this as evidence of communication from God.

From the earthly perspective of conventional wisdom I am clearly taking the content of this video out of its original context.  But this is precisely what a coincidence allows us to do.  It is a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances that have no apparent connection with each other, thereby giving one coincidence two (or more) different meanings at the very same time.

Forth, think about this – Jesus says a total of eleven words on this surprise video.  Nine of those eleven words convey two completely different meanings simultaneously: (1) with all eleven words he was requesting to be baptized; while at the same time, (2) nine of the eleven words Jesus uses in his baptismal request – just so happen to form a complete answer to the completely separate question I had just asked of him through prayer.

Fifth, the words spoken by Jesus in this video are rooted in Biblical scripture and of all the words in the Bible, why are these eleven words the only ones he says in this particular video?

Why did this video of Jesus appear for the first time on something I use every day (Facebook page) one day after my prayer?

And how can it be that this kind of coincidental evidence of two-way communications between heaven and earth continues to accumulate with curiously-intelligent timing and relevance?

I think the reason is, God is communicating with us, and this is one of the ways he can do it.

He most likely will not call us on the phone, send us a text, an email, or a personalized video. That’s much too easy for us.  Life is more of a test.  What he will do is use the everyday things in our lives in such a way that their timing and relevance (to issues in our lives) give those everyday things a second and completely independent message that is intended for us personally.  Not the kind of communication we are accustomed to, yet perfectly understandable with the help of repetition.  If only we would start noticing.

For those who already believe in Jesus Christ, but who find my evidence of “coincidental context” unbelievable, consider this quote from 2 Corinthians 4:18 in the Bible:  “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

This is where faith and an open mind for learning, really help.

I welcome your comments both positive or negative so we can all learn and grow.

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Thank you!

John Levay,