Just like when she was here on earth

Continuing to document evidence of communications between heaven and earth, and they just keep coming!  The latest happened this past Saturday, June 3, 2017.

My sister Ann recently invited me to Louisville, Kentucky this year for Thanksgiving.  It’s been about 2 decades since my last visit there.

This past Saturday she followed-up on that invite with an email reminder and some airfare information.  Here is her email.  For better viewing, you can open each picture into a new tab with a click.

Here is where the different layers of this coincidence begin forming.

Later that same day, while going through a box of items from the estate of my parents who now live in heaven, I find a green marble.

Why is the green marble relevant?  Several reasons.

  1. Marbles were used in a sermon that compared our life here on earth with our eternal life.  The analogy was to take a marble and some dirt and make a ball with the marble inside.  As good and solid as it may be, the dirt eventually crumbles whereas the marble remains.  The analogy being that the dirt represents our life on earth and the marble represents our eternal life.
  2. Green was my mom’s favorite color.  So when I saw the green marble I immediately thought of her.  Even when taking the eternal analogy out of the picture, the color green still would have brought her to my mind.
  3. The fact that her color was on an object that represents eternal life only gives this coincidence another layer of clarity as to what’s happening and who’s involved.

Anytime it is possible for me to show you the actual items involved in the two-way communications I witness between heaven and earth, I will do so.  In this case I can.  Here is the marble.

In most of the coincidences I’ve documented, it’s just everyday things in our lives that God uses in combination with each other to create messages that are recognizable to us for several reasons.

  1. What the individual items he selects mean to us.
  2. The relevance of their meaning compared to what is happening in our lives when they appear.
  3. And the graceful timing of their appearance.
  4. Then when you add recurrence into the equation, happening again and again, you can begin to see understandable communications in these curiously-intelligent coincidences.

Back to the story, so at this point:  (1) my sister wants me to go to Louisville Kentucky, (2) and my mom is now on my mind because of the green marble.

Next, I find a travel itinerary and boarding pass for airfare dated 1992.  The relevance to this situation?

  1. They are in the name of the very person the green marble brought to my mind.
  2. They are to the same destination my sister wants me to go.
  3. And they are even on the same airlines as is in the email my sister had just sent me (2017).

Here is the actual flight itinerary.

And the boarding pass.


  1. This coincidence is a good example of how families can continue communicating with each other even after one or more family members move to heaven.
  2. The message that I recognize in this coincidence is that mom wants me to accept my sister’s invitation.  Which is exactly what she would have said in person if she were still here.  She would always speak up whenever there was a chance for family to get together.
  3. And apparently she can still do it from heaven.  Just like when she was here on earth.

Jesus conquered death for all of us to benefit.  Family bonds can be, and I believe are meant to be, eternal.

Amen, and thank you.

More to come.

John Levay


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