The foundation of language between heaven and earth

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The evidence presented in this post clearly fits into what has become known as the “11:12 Series”, a compilation of true stories about individual coincidences that all involve the number sequence “1112.”

When 1112 appears (time-11:12, date-11/12, amount-$11.12, etc) “during a coincidence”, I’ve noticed it’s always with the same graceful timing as any comfortable conversation with a friend. Perfect timing and relevance with what’s happening when the coincidence occurs.

And when the coincidence happens again and again (recurrence), predictable patterns develop by way of comparison.  These patterns become the foundation of language between heaven and earth.

Now that I am focused on these sorts of things, I am observing that God really does communicate with us in “signs” which I describe as coincidences that happen with relevance, timing, and recurrence.  Such as the evidence presented in this particular post which includes a death certificate, a burial plot, and a birth certificate.  All for the same person!

Most of the coincidences I’ve analyzed happen in a way that implies a sign of approval for what I am doing when they occur.

However the evidence presented in this particular post is different.  In this post, it’s not so much a sign of approval for what I’m doing because all I was doing is reading documents of someone who died.  In this post the coincidences appear to use the “established numbers of 1112” to establish my connection with the someone who died, by way of 1112 appearing on both their death certificate and on the deed for their burial plot.  That someone is my dad.

Here is a portion of his death certificate with the number sequence highlighted by red underline.  You can click on the images to enlarge them.  The enlargements will open in a new tab.

Here is the deed to his burial plot with a red line highlighting the plot numbers for both he and his wife.

I even found his birth certificate from the year 1924.  The reasons why I am including his birth certificate, which does not have the numbers 1112, are these:

On his birthday this year (12/24/2016), I talked to my earthly father in my prayers since he now lives in heaven.  It was a relaxed and conversational prayer just like I was talking to him in person here on earth.
After doing so, I noticed the time was 12:11 pm.  Purely a coincidence, no big deal, not planned.
I thought how interesting though, the number sequence of 1112 was, once again appearing at a relevant time, albeit in reverse order (12:11 not 11:12), during a heaven and earth moment.
Thinking about the reverse order, I theorized that if, for me, the appearance of 11:12 is a sign of God’s presence through Jesus Christ, perhaps the reverse order (12:11) on my dad’s  birthday  is a sign of dad’s presence through Jesus Christ.
But as I pondered that thought, I watched the time change from 12:11 to 12:12 and realized “12:12” identifies with dad even better because of how the numbers work, “12+12=24 and his birthday is the 24th of 12/December.”  Granted, this type of communication is not “normal” for the world we currently live in.  But communicating with people living in the next “world to come” requires a new way of communicating.
So perhaps, instead of 12:11, Jesus was in fact assigning 12:12 to my dad for him to use as a sign when he is present with me.  “If” the numbers 1212 “do” appear “when” I am doing something “for” my dad, the it becomes a noteworthy coincidence.  “If” this exact coincidence recurs multiple times, “then” we will confirm it as a sign.
If 12:12 does start appearing in recurring fashion when I’m doing dad-related-stuff, then 12:12 will be confirmed as dad’s second sign.  With his first sign already being chosen by my dad and I while he was still alive on earth.  That first sign is a “surprise appearance of a German Shepherd dog” while I am doing something specifically for my dad.  And this has now happened 5 times in the first year since his death.  So that first sign is working with consistency and is confirmed.  Known as the German Shepherd series.
We will have to see if this second sign, the “surprise appearance of the numbers 12:12 (which are the reverse of 11:12) works as well.  Only time will tell, but you can be sure I will be paying attention and reporting through this website.
Here is my dad, my earthly father’s birth certificate with a red highlight around his date of birth, 12/24/24.

The rationale above regarding Jesus assigning a sign to someone is one example of how you can figure out who is communicating with you from heaven.
But to figure it out, you have to think about the numbers you notice appearing in your life and compare them to people you’ve known who now live in heaven.  Were any of these numbers known to be associated with any of these people?  Who might be using these particular numbers to try and get your attention? Consider birth dates, social security number, address, date you first met, and so on.  The possibilities are practically endless.
If you are able to come up with a theory through logical-association of numbers and those numbers do continue to appear when you are doing, thinking, or saying something with that person in mind, then you will begin realizing the thrill of two way communications with loved ones in heaven.
Any one coincidence by itself proves nothing.  But when the coincidence happens again and again, it eventually becomes a “preponderance of evidence.”   Even juries in a court of law decide verdicts based on a preponderance of evidence when it develops beyond a reasonable doubt.
Communicating with people who have died “is” real, because although their physical body on earth has died, their spiritual body remains alive and conscious and capable of communicating with us.  They just can no longer pick up the phone or send a text.  So they communicate through God and they need us to open our minds to new ways of communicating.
“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal” (2 Corinthians 4:18).

Numbers are one of the key ingredients in two-way communications between heaven and earth. At least they are for me.  Yours could be different as I believe God gives each one of us evidence in ways that are specifically recognizable to us individually.  This means there are some differences in the way God gets the attention of each one of us.

Earlier in my life I never paid attention to these things.  Always wrote them off as “crazy coincidences.” But after I made a heart-felt agreement with a loved-one less than a month before she died, that when she gets to heaven we will do all that we can to learn how to continue communicating with each other after death, ever since that agreement, I have tuned-in to God.

Faith does not need evidence but, believe me when I tell you, faith becomes a whole lot stronger when you have evidence.  As I document more and more of these recurring coincidences into evidence here on the website, it is absolutely clear to me that God wants to give us evidence.  But needs us to identify and understand his evidence we receive in order for our communication with God to become two-way.

This was the original ending, but I am revising this post to add the following:

U P D A T E !

I found another coincidence on one of the pieces of evidence used in this post, after it was published.  So I am adding this update to the original post.

The following image is the one used earlier in this post of the burial plot deed shown with a red line highlighting the “burial plot numbers“.

I have added a red box to this image (below) to highlight the “date” this deed was “purchased” (1/7/2000).

The reason this date is a coincidence is because I “published” this post on the exact same day seventeen years later (1/7/2017).  Originally, I had intended to publish this post on the exact day of the one year anniversary of my dad’s death, 1/8.  But it turns out it was published on 1/7 instead.

I thought that was no big deal, purely a mistake.  But in light of this new discovery, I think there may be more to it.

This new discovery boils down to this:
Purchased – 1/17/2000
Published – 1/17/2017

What that means, exactly, I will have to figure out.  But for now, it’s interesting just to ponder the chances of this coincidence happening are 1 in 365.

You can click on the following image to enlarge it in a new tab.

So now I end this post for a second time.

And again I thank Jesus Christ, my lord and savior, for providing me with these communications for all to see.

I also thank you, reading this, for receiving what I am sharing.