Second Bible study finds second sign from Jesus. How cool is that!

The first sign from Jesus happened while I was learning about all of the major events that happened during Easter’s Holy Week (Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday) and writing a post for this website about what I learned.

After receiving that sign, I wrote about it in a follow-up post titled “Easter’s Surprise Communication From Heaven” and described what happened.

That was Easter 2016.  Since then, I’ve only written about my own experiences until now, Christmas 2016.

As my Christmas gift to Jesus this year, I committed myself to learning and writing about each of the 35 miracles performed by Jesus as described in the Bible. One miracle at a time.

And before I was done learning and writing about the very first miracle, I found another sign from Jesus.

Here is what happened.  I began the post by mentioning that this website mainly focuses on new evidence of Jesus, and other loved ones in Heaven, communicating with us but that I also like learning about old evidence documented in the Bible because it provides fertile ground for new evidence to happen.

Highlighted in red in the photo below is the part about Jesus interacting with our learning during Easter 2016.  I included a link to the post titled “Easter’s Surprise Communication from Heaven” which provides the details.

You can click on the following image to enlarge the first couple of paragraphs from the first post in the Miracles by Jesus series published Christmas 2016.

And before I even finish writing this new post another sign appears by way of the number-sequence that has become the signature of Jesus in my day to day life, “1112”, albeit this time in reverse order 2111.

This number sequence has appeared so many times when I am doing something specifically for Jesus that I now publish a series about it called the 1112 series (Eleven Twelve).  And here they are again.  Highlighted in red directly below.

As you can see, it says “The miracles of Jesus comprise all of the super-natural events that are found and attributed to him in Scripture. Examples include Jesus walking on water, the raising of Lazarus, or the resurrection. Jesus’ miracles are also known as signs (especially in John; cf. John 2:1-11  and mighty works (John 10:25-28).”

So let’s look at what “John 2:1-11” actually says.  The following is picture taken directly from scripture.  You can enlarge to see better.

Don’t you wish we all could turn water into wine!

For so many reasons, learning about Jesus is like learning about someone with whom I am deeply involved.  It is worth the effort to track all these signs as you notice them in your life.  I learn so much and I imagine you would too.

On that note, I raise my glass to toast both you! and Jesus!


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