Cooperation and Respect for Changes (Updated to Include Still-More Censorship)

Definition of Censorship: Counterintelligence achieved by the banning, deletion, or suppression of any information that is of value to an opponent or enemy.

Is it legal for a media company like Facebook to (1) accept money to boost/advertise their customer’s post, then (2) not give the post the boosted advertising they are paid to provide, because (3) someone employed by Facebook does not like the information conveyed in the advertised post, so (4) the employee takes it upon themself to suppress or delete the advertising that their employer has been paid to provide?

I wonder what the Federal Trade Commission’s Division of Advertising would say about this.

Here is a LINK to the FTC’s Advertising Enforcement Division

With these concerns in mind, take a look at the two messages circled in red below.

Does Facebook’s owner, Mark Zuckerberg, know this is happening under his watch?

This latest question about illegal censorship (above) – pertains directly to the following content (below) which is the “original” version of this post – which also includes (previous) concerns about “Unfair and deceptive advertising and marketing practices” as defined by the Federal Trade Commission. Here is the original post:

Guess who got blocked by Facebook. You’ve heard of the “Me Too” movement, right? Well, I think I must be in the “Me Either” movement.

As you can see by the image above, the most recent evidence I posted on behalf of was rejected by (someone, at) Facebook for the first time – on grounds that my content is too “political” for people here in the United States to read. All other countries around the planet still welcome my content as usual, thankfully.

Typically when I publish a post on ThereYouAreJesus, it automatically publishes on the Facebook page for the site as well. Doing this enables me to reach more people.

You can also pay Facebook to reach even more people by “Boosting” a post for increased visibility in any location around the world.

Typically I have paid to boost each new post but that came to a halt with my last post on Father’s Day, titled Profound Relief by Absolution.

After numerous runarounds from various points-of-contact at Facebook – for example, take a look at this next email string, which can be enlarged by clicking…

After numerous runarounds like that, I emailed the following message to Facebook’s Help department…

To which, Facebook replied with this message…

So from now-on, Facebook is requiring the paid advertisements that boost (or increase) the number of people who see content published by ThereYouAreJesus – have to be framed with a “Political Ad Header and Disclaimer” whenever one of our paid advertisements are shown to Facebook users in the USA. No other country is required to see that same political disclaimer.

What exactly is it about that Father’s Day post 2018 that is causing all this chaos?

Let’s look at Facebook’s advertising policy regarding content – and compare it with the content in the Father’s Day/Confession post on that they are limiting.

First, here’s Facebook’s policy:

And circled below in red is the only content in the entire Father’s Day post on ThereYouAreJesus that even comes close to being political, as defined by Facebook’s published policy.

Here is a link if you would like to open that Father’s Day post into a new tab.

So let me get this straight – writing that I “pray we do not have a nuclear war” is cause for suppressive censorship on political grounds??

And that’s as close to Facebook’s political policy as the content in my Father’s Day post comes. Unless Facebook considers Charles Krauthammer’s name to be political-enough to require suppression. I dedicated our Father’s Day post in the memory of Charles. Here is that excerpt.

Well, other than disagreeing with the political label Facebook has given ThereYouAreJesus, I actually think  ( thought, anyway ) that Facebook is handling this situation rather well – considering it has grown from a college dorm room to a multi-billion dollar company – and I believe it will continue to grow and improve as they get this whole thing figured out. Here’s why: If I put myself in Mark Zuckerberg’s shoes, the owner of Facebook – who has been grilled recently in the United States and other countries for privacy, transparency, and legality issues – I think I might freak-out a bit, too!

So I am going to cooperate and respect these changes for the sake of the overall good and eventual progress. But it will be interesting to see if this post you are now reading also gets blocked – or suppressed – after payment is approved by their customer (me).

This post you are reading is now being blocked/suppressed, even after payment information has been exchanged.
Here is how I know – Facebook’s most-recent “Advertiser Notification” circled below in red…
“…not reaching as many people as it could because its image contains som…”
means that the advertising schedule I paid for is not running the way we agreed. 
Two questions now come to mind:
Does Facebook’s owner, Mark Zuckerberg, know what some of his paid employees are doing with regards to “Unfair and deceptive advertising and marketing practices?”
And is it time for the Federal Trade Commission’s Division of Advertising to get involved?

Have you ever felt like you could use a moment of serenity?

Let me ask Father John Ball, who is the Reverend and Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Saint Mary’s City, Maryland, USA – which is the church in which I witnessed the miracle/vision of Jesus Christ literally interrupt my prayer by entering into it visually while my eyes were closed, back in 2013.

Father John offers this link to a 3 minute exercise for the sake of receiving a dose of equanimity. That link will open into a new tab – from there, click on the blue button “Take 3 Minutes” and on the next screen click on another blue button titled “Start Your Retreat.” When finished, simply come back to this tab at the top of your browser to get the rest of this information.

Alright – Are you ready for a little Appetizer from our Best Of menu?

Here are a few quick photos from previous posts that document some of the evidence being generated during coincidences as they were happening. The evidence in these 4 photos are part of, what has become known as, the 11,12 Series which can be found on the homepage of, in the category titled Modern-Day Evidence with Numbers. The four photos below were transferred into this post as one combined image, which you can enlarge for better viewing by clicking, if desired.

If you would like to open up that full post into a new tab for later-viewing, click here.

Temporary and Eternal

I want to personally apologize for a blunder I made in my last post, Profound Relief by Absolution. In it, I was highlighting some text with parenthesis in the color red. As you probably know, there are several styles of parenthesis available and I happened to choose an old school version … ” {  } ” … instead of ” [  ] ” … Not much difference I know, but the old school version has a visual affect that an increasing number of people are finding offensive. So, I want you to know I get it, I do apologize sincerely, and I will be making the recommended changes to that original post.

Don’t you just love nature? So very much a part of God. I still find it amazing how easily we can communicate with animals, both domestic and wild. Look deep into their eyes and smile, giving them a calm sense of safety, and they will reveal to you their soul – in both their facial expressions and body language. Some of the best therapy on earth.

You know what animals and plants really need right now? Water! Let’s do something great for our animal friends. Click here for one outstanding idea!

I believe you know someone in heaven who you love and miss dearly. With them in mind, open this next picture of evidence, find the heart shaped water drops, and enjoy this communication of love and assurance from Jesus Christ, conveyed this time through nature.

Thank you for being here on ThereYouAreJesus. A very warm welcome to you personally, as well as all of our new folks who have recently found TYAJesus – like the guys at!

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 S  H   I   G’  L 

 Springboard  &  Handoff   Into   God’s   Love 

Today’s Springboard is a Bible verse from Philippians 4:6 that finishes with a Handoff to you for a heartfelt conversation with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Here is the Springboard

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

And here is your Handoff for a real conversation with God Almighty through his one and only eternal son, Jesus Christ.

Enter into God’s Love.

Thank you Jesus, amen.

This next photo is from my career, long before Jesus entered my life visually in 2013.

I loved those days in radio and television, working with folks like Jackie and Tito of the Jackson 5, and I still do! But my partnership with Jesus Christ is truly the most remarkable love I have ever experienced.

Thank you, and may God bless all that you love and cherish.

John Levay, TYAJesus founder,

Pictured here with my son at graduation 2018, 5 years after the miracle/vision of 2013.