11,12 Series: The Realization

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This post contains newly realized evidence.  First a quick recap.  I started documenting communications from God on 9/29/2013. Between then and now (8/31/17) I have published about 35 pieces of evidence which are available as individual posts here on this website blog, ThereYouAreJesus.com.

Throughout this process, I have discovered some amazing realities.  For example, the combination of events that causes us to think “Wow what a crazy coincidence” actually deliver an intelligent and intentional message to us from someone in heaven, be it from God or another loved one.

Sounds absurd, right?  Would you say it’s more absurd than this quote from the Bible?

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal” – 2 Corinthians 4:18

What we are talking about here is two-way communication with people who no longer live on this planet.

When our human bodies die, our spiritual bodies remain alive and conscious.  Although we can no longer pick up the phone, the preponderance of evidence compiled on this website shows that after we die, we can create coincidences in the lives of people still living on earth by arranging everyday things in their lives in such a way that their timing and relevance delivers an intelligent and intentional message to them.  We will have to depend upon them to decipher the messages though.  They become easy to decipher when (a) we focus on the coincidental context rather than the original context of the coincidence and (b) you start noticing them repeatedly.  Not necessarily the same day, but repeatedly.

A coincidence occurs when a combination of unrelated events, items, or circumstances convey two different meanings at the very same time.  Those meanings are (1) the original context of each unrelated event and (2) the coincidental context of all the unrelated events when combined together into one event.

Focusing on the coincidental context is the key to discovering the message contained within the coincidence.  It’s certainly not the way we are used to communicating here on earth, but that’s how you do it.

The timing and relevance of the coincidental context to current issues in your life delivers the message and repetition will eventually convince you that they are indeed intended for you.  You can even go so far as to learn signatures contained within the coincidence that identifies who sent the message.

This website, ThereYouAreJesus.com, is named by an event that happened on 9/29/2013 and began publishing on 11/12/2014 at exactly 11:12 (am) for the purpose of presenting evidence of two-way communications with loved-ones in heaven, including God.

The reason this exact day and time was important is because it gave me a way to respond in-kind to all of the coincidences I had been receiving where one of the layers in these multi-layered events includes the appearance of the numbers 11 and 12.  For example, time (11:12), day (11/12), amount ($11.12), computer-generated file names (1112), and so on.

So responding in-kind by going-public with this website at exactly 11:12 (am) on 11/12 (2014) was my way of communicating that I am beginning to understand heaven’s language of coincidence.

Since that day, the number of coincidences I’ve witnessed involving the numbers 11 and 12 has continued to increase.  To the point that I am no longer surprised to see these numbers appear anytime I am acting on behalf of God.  Thrilled, yes, but not surprised. They have become a regular sign of approval and assurance.

Here are some photos from previous posts that document some of the coincidences as they were happening.  For better viewing you can click on each image to enlarge them in a new tab.



I don’t create the evidence I receive through coincidences, I witness the evidence and create the analysis for publication.

It is only after several years of analyzing numerous coincidences that I’ve learned the appearance of the numbers 11 and 12 during a coincidence identify that communication as coming directly from God Almighty: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Not that those numbers are what he will use as his signature for you though.  God knows you well and will use something that is meaningful to you and therefore likely to get your attention.

For example, the reason God uses the number sequence 1112 for me is because 11/12 is the date of my birth. So it was easy to get my attention, especially since I was already on high alert for such things following (a) the miracle that named this website and (b) the subsequent agreement I made with my mother right before she died to figure out how to communicate with each other after she gets to heaven.

Now that I am focused on these sorts of things, I am observing that God mostly communicates with us through signs which I describe as “coincidences that happen with relevance, timing, and recurrence.”  However, God is perfectly capable of communicating with us directly too, as exemplified in my post about the miracle that named this website.  By the way you can click right here to open that post into a new tab, if you would like, and save it for later viewing.

The one miracle I witnessed on 9/29/2013 is the very first experience of two-way communications with God that I have ever documented and up until now (8/31/2017) I had always considered that miracle to be completely different from all of the other evidence that has accumulated since then.  The reason why is because the miracle was bold, direct, and indisputable whereas all the coincidences that followed are like circumstantial evidence. Meaning that any one piece of circumstantial evidence proves nothing.  Whereas the one bold, direct, and indisputable miracle is all it took for God to prove to me that Jesus Christ is 100% real.

But circumstantial evidence can also prove beyond a reasonable doubt when enough of it accumulates, thereby creating a preponderance of evidence.  It is only through this preponderance of evidence that I have identified many things including different signatures from different senders in heaven, with the number sequence of 1112 being God’s signature in his relationship with me.

I thought I had already identified and documented every single thing about that miracle but, very recently, I realized I had missed something.  The way I found it is by looking at a typical Sunday’s church service agenda, which goes as follows:

10:30 am – Service begins, Prelude, Opening Rites, Call to Worship, Processional Hymn

10:34 am – Opening Acclamation

10:35 am – Song of Praise

10:38 am – Collect

10:39 am – Liturgy of the Word, First Lesson

10:41 am – Psalm

10:43 am – Epistle

10:46 am – Sequence Hymn

10:48 am – Gospel

10:50 am – Sermon

11:05 am – Nicene Creed

11:08 am – Prayers of the People

11:10 am – Confessional Prayer

11:11 am – Everyone stands up and greets each other & Announcements

11:16 am – Offertory

11:18 am – Doxology

11:20 am – Liturgy of the Eucharist with Prayer, Sanctus, Fraction, & Communion Hymns

11:27 am – Holy Communion

11:31 am – Moment of Silence following Holy Communion

11:33 am – Post Communion Prayer

11:34 am – Closing Rites with Blessing, Closing Hymn, and Dismissal

11:42 am – Postlude, end of service, coffee hour immediately follows

The miracle I witnessed on 9/29/2013 happened during the Moment of Silence that follows Holy Communion.  As you can see by the agenda above, the moment of silence happens at about 11:30 am, which is right-smack-dab in the middle of 11:00 am & 12:00 pm.  11 & 12!  And there you have it – my realization is that God’s signature for his communications with me, 1112, was present as far back as the miracle that started this whole website (9/29/13).  Which was before I had even identified God’s or any other signatures through the many coincidences that have followed that miracle.  This means that maybe that miracle isn’t so different from all the subsequent coincidental evidence after all!

Getting to know Jesus is like getting to know someone who I am already deeply involved with. Amazing!

I seriously do encourage you to continue strengthening your relationship with Jesus. Talk to him and mean what you say. If you don’t, he will know it just as well as you do. But if you do mean what you say to him, Jesus will respond to you. It may take some time, but I believe he most definitely will. His responses will most likely be through coincidental signs.  But he is also perfectly capable of direct one-on-one contact with you as well. You can be 100% sure of that. Which is truly incredible news for all of us!  Because it enables us to develop a relationship with God Almighty and it enables us to open up two-way communications with our dearly-departed loved-ones who now live in heaven. Which provides them with exhilaration because they once again have a way to communicate with their loved ones who are still here on earth, like you and me.

Christianity is not only a religion, it is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and their Holy Spirit.

If you would like to contact me, please do.  You can email me at John@ThereYouAreJesus.com or you can leave a public comment at the bottom of this post. Either way I would love hearing from you and I will definitely respond.

As always, I thank you for reading my evidence and I thank Jesus Christ for providing me with evidence to share with you.

Amen, and God bless.

John Levay

Founder of http://www.ThereYouAreJesus.com