Christian Pastor, Imprisoned for Faith since October 2016, is Free!

Good news for all people who believe they have the right to choose a religion without fear of incarceration, especially those who are currently incarcerated.

Here is a written article on how Christian Pastor Andrew Brunson recently returned home to the US from Turkey where he was imprisoned for two years.

Here is a video interview with the newly-freed Pastor Andrew Brunson.

Upon his release, one quote by Pastor Brunson stood out to me. While dealing with despair from being trapped in a crowded prison, in a foreign land, with inmates who speak a different language and faith, he could only receive news updates from his wife one half-hour per week. It was through her updates about the countries working to free him – and others like him – that Pastor Brunson realized “God is taking his suffering, and doing something good with it.”


Welcome home Andrew, and thank you to all parties involved.

Next post is coming October 31st.

John Levay

CREDIT Video Interview (above) Sean Hannity of Fox News. CREDIT Article (above) and Recent Photo (below) of Pastor Andrew Brunson AP / Emre Tazegul, and The Washington Post by way of The Christian Post, article linked above.